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Our number one priority is our customers. We want to be known as one of the best organisations in our sector, delivering great services and homes for our customers.

We’re proud of what we’re achieving already but we have plans to achieve even greater things. Providing value for money is an important part of what we do. We have a duty to you to ensure every penny we get is used wisely to produce the best standards and services possible. Thats why every three months we ask you how we're doing and what you think we could do to improve our service. Look at our latest results below. 

Check out how we're doing


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Overall customer satisfaction with Acis and it's services



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Customers satisfied with the quality of their home



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Customers satisfied that we get back to them and keep them informed


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Customers satisfied with the overall repairs and maintenance service provided


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Customers satisfied that their views have been taken into account



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 Customers satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live



Customers satisfied with the value for money of services provided


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Percentage of repair appointments kept




Percentage of repair jobs completed first time




Customer performance information

And that's not all. Every year we look back and review what we've achieved and what we've delivered for you - our customers. We had a busy year during 2015/16! We've shared some of the highlights below, but to find out more about how we’re performing and our plans for the future, visit www.acisannualreview.co.uk

What we delivered during 2015/16

How we did on delivering our services during 2015/16How we did on delivering our services during 2015/16 How we did on delivering estate improvements during 2015/16