Strategic priorities

We’re committed to providing better homes, better services and, ultimately, better lives for our customers. But to do that, we need to track how we’re performing and look at the impact we’re having on people’s lives. Providing value for money is an important part of what we do. We have a duty to our customers and a regulatory requirement to ensure every penny we get is used wisely to produce the best standards and services possible. 

Intro to priorities

Its important to us that we monitor how we are doing against achieving our strategic priorities. Each year we set clear targets that monitors activity to help us get one step closer to achieving our priorities, and in turn achieiving our corporate strategy.  Find out how we are doing against some of our 2016/17 priorities here:



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Overall customer satisfaction with Acis and its services


orange telephone

Customers satisfied that we get back to them and keep them informed


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Customers satisfied with the overall repairs and maintenance service provided






Our social value impact - measured in social value pounds


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Percentage of tenancies sustained longer than 12 months





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Numer of empty properties awaiting new tenants



Current and former arrears




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New homes developed so far this year


Block of flats

Student occupancy year on year



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And that's not all. Every year we look back and review what we've achieved and what we've delivered for our customers. We've shared some of the highlights from 2015/16 below. And at the bottom of this page you can download the full versions of our annual publications, including our value for money statement and annual review. 

Performance - reports intro

But that’s just a snapshot of what we’re achieving. To read more, view our latest reports. 

What we delivered during 2016/17

What we delivered during 2016/17
Just over    For every £1
We surveyed   We now own
We performed We refurbished.
We surveyed Our performance
We're now. We resolved 287


strategy document link

strategy front cover.

Annual Reporting and Accounts 2016/2017

Annual report and financial statements 2017

value for money summary

VFM 2016/17  

Annual report 1516 summary

Annual report 1516 summary