Our current service

With the latest national lockdown underway, we want to keep you up to date with our services.

Since March last year, we have been working to develop a plan to bring our full service back to our customers as quickly, and more importantly, as safely as possible.

And now we have lots of guidelines in place to be able to deliver our services to you in a safe way, whilst limiting face-to-face contact as much as we possibly can.

These changes may mean access to some of our services take a little longer to arrange and some of them will be online only, but our commitment to you is that we are here to support you in your homes as we reassess the situation daily.

But, despite offering a full service, we are asking customer to make sure any routine repairs are necessary at this time. Please consider whether a repair is needed when reporting.

What you can expect from us

As part of our commitment to providing a safe service for you and our people, we have introduced a new safe system of working and new protocols.

  • Face-to-face meetings be limited to those that are essential with as many queries as possible being dealt with virtually
  • We will be following all hygiene and handwashing guidance (including any tools being used for a particular job)
  • Our engineers will clean all surfaces worked on before they leave your home
  • We will be following social distancing measures to maintain a two-metre distance where possible and you will be asked to be in another room while the work is carried out
  • Our people will be wearing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) for each job. This includes:
    • Face masks where appropriate
    • Gloves
    • General safety PPE
  • New measures in place to allow for safe viewings of properties for rent, shared ownership or sale.

What we expect from you

For this to work, we need you to help us do this. We’ve set out some guidelines for customers who have appointments during this time to follow to allow us to keep everyone safe whilst we carry out the job.

  • Keep us informed - you must let us know if you or a household member develops symptoms of Covid-19. We will simply rearrange your appointment until after the period of isolation
  • Keep a two-metre distance at all times
  • You and others within your household must be in a room that is not the engineer’s work area. If you need to speak with an engineer whilst they are working, stick to the two-metre distance
  • Thoroughly clean any areas and surfaces that our people will be working on before they arrive
  • Keep all walk ways to the working area clear
  • Keep windows and doors open in the area we are working.
  • Consider your request. Can it be answered over the phone or by video chat?
  • Maximum of two people from your household to attend any property viewings

What else could you do?

  • When interacting with our people face-to-face, we would appreciate it if you could wear a face covering. Whilst this isn't mandatory, it would help us all keep even safer whilst talking to each other or showing our people to where they need to work in your home.

Covid secure

Our Covid secure certificate


Current service

24/7 emergency repairs

Our emergency repairs service continues as normal. However, if we attend your home and, after making the repair safe, we need to return to complete the job, you no longer need to call us to book this work in. Your repair will be automatically picked up to complete once we return to working on routine repairs.

If you're unsure whether your repair is an emergency, click here see our repairs guidance here

Servicing work

Despite the lockdowns, it has been our legal duty to continue to complete your annual gas service to make sure you are safe in your home. This service continues to run as normal.

If your home is powered by any other fuel source, for example, oil, we will be getting in touch with you to arrange your service on a risk assessed basis.

Urgent repairs

Things such as a partial loss of water supply, minor electrical faults and blocked sinks are begin seen to within the seven-day window. This service continues to run as normal.

If you're unsure whether your repair is deemed as urgent, click here see our repairs guidance here

Empty properties

Our work on empty properties is normal. However, please bear with us as these works will take a little longer than our normal timeframe due to the strict safety protocols we’ve introduced.

Routine external work

External repairs will continue as normal. These will include things such as repairs to roofs, chimneys and outdoor brickwork. Like most other services, these might be delayed due to additional risk assessments.

Routine repair appointments

Routine repairs will continue for the time being, however please consider whether your repair needs work at this time. Whilst we will attend, we do ask that you only report urgent and emerency repairs at this time. Click here to see our repairs guidance.

Planned improvement works

We are continuing with planned improvement works, including kitchens and bathrooms, however these are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on the customer’s circumstances and whilst following government guidance

Stock condition survey

Service continues as normal. If you’re due for a survey a letter should have already been sent out.

Moving home

Allocations and lettings

We are still offering support to those who want to move home.

Working with our Covid secure protocols, we have plans in place to support people to move home keeping social distancing measures in place.

If viewing a property with us, please keep in mind all social distancing protocols and that there is a limit to two people per household viewing a property at any time.

Buying a home

Our sales team are also preparing to support people to start to move homes again following government guidance.

If you're looking to buy a home outright or by shared ownership, we are putting plans in place to restart viewings of our new homes.

We are open for business but as our team gets back up to full speed, we may take a little longer to respond to enquries so please bear with us at this time.

All viewings will be by appointment only to follow social distancing guidelines and allow for regular cleaning to take place.

We can also offer virtual viewings on a number of our new homes developments. Call us to arrange this with our sales team and view your new home from the comfort of your sofa!

Mutual exchange

If you are looking to complete a mutual exchange, we are continuing to go ahead with these as normal.

However, Covid secure protocols will be in place throughout the process.

As with everything else, please bear with the team at this time as responses to enquiries may take a little longer than usual.