Apprentice Blake flourishes in trades role

Blake working on a bathroom

17 May 2022

Our trade apprentice Blake Partridge has joined our friendly Acis HomePlus team to put his classroom knowledge to practice in the field.

Since school, Blake has dreamed of becoming an engineer. And now he is one step closer to living his dream.

Blake is studying a plumbing course at Lincoln College and wants test his skills in a practical environment. He said: “Even though it is a plumbing course it is multitrade so you learn a variety of skills. I joined Acis to learn more about the trade and contribute 315 hours of practical work towards my course.”

Blake’s passion for trade is forever growing. And at age 18 he already knows a great deal of expertise. He said: “I had basic plumbing and engineer knowledge which has helped whilst being at Acis.

“But I didn’t know how to fit a wet room. And I’ve quite enjoyed ripping out bathrooms. It’s always good fun.

Blake’s days are never the same and in fact varied. From installing taps at one home to building a wet room at another, Blake is constantly putting his skills to practice. He said: “There is always a variety of work to do. From demolishing a wall to fitting grab rails. But it has mostly been bathrooms, tiling and fitting showers.

“And before this I didn’t know how to fit a whole wet room. So I’ve definitely learned a lot and I can get things done quicker.

“The experience has been great. Everyone has been really nice and welcoming. I enjoy the work environment and that’s why I asked to work another day.

“Originally, I was working on Monday and Tuesdays. But I asked for Wednesday too because I was enjoying it.”

Blake has a customer service background which makes completing jobs even more enjoyable. He added: “My past jobs I’ve worked at weddings as a caterer and in a warehouse. So I’ve always had that customer background and I’m fine with speaking to people and understanding what they want.

“It’s helped when I go to a job because I can talk to the customer, understand what they need and make sure everything is what we’re supposed to be doing.”

During Blake’s time shadowing with the team, he had flourished and shown great expertise. Now, he is determined to find full time work in trades when he finishes college.

If you’re looking for work opportunities in trades or for apprenticeship placements, get in touch to see what we have available.

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