Our packages to help you stay in your home

Helping you set up, move into, and stay in your home

Flexible bundles to suit your needs

As well as providing one-off products and services, we also offer a range of affordable bundled services to suit your needs. 

Whether you’re moving house or want to keep your home as safe as it can be, our packages are there for you when you need them. They’re available flexibly as one-off purchases or on a subscription basis.

The prices below are indicative based on what we think you might need. But contact us, and we’ll give you an official quote based on your exact requirements. The power is in your hands.

The on the move package

If you’re moving house, we can provide all the services you need to get settled in. From laying new carpets and adjusting doors to fitting curtains and blinds and everything in between. 

Once you have the keys, we can work with you to offer a bespoke package to help you get your new home all set up.

  • Carpets can be fitted from £1,634*
  • Blinds and curtains can be fitted from £899*
  • price depends on the size and location of the property. Contact us for an official quote.


  • Half day from £240, plus the cost of materials.
  • Full day from £475, plus the cost of materials.

The big move package

We’re on hand to help you get from your old house to your new house. We’ll take care of your items so they can make the move as easy as you do. 

Our removals and delivery team will take the stresses and strains out of moving your prized possessions. We can help with any tasks in the moving process that doesn’t need any new materials to be supplied or ordered. 
Work can include:

  • Removals and delivery of possessions from your old home to your new home
  • General set up
  • Building of flatpack furniture
  • Fitting washing lines
  • Fitting curtains and blinds
  • Supply and install a shed base and shed in the garden
  • Supply and install loft ladders.
  • Installing safety gates
  • Installing fixtures and fittings like TV wall mounts
  • Installing white goods
  • Installing any pre-purchased security
  • Installing safes
  • Installing Ring doorbells


  • All this starts from just £475 per day, or £240 half day*
  • Plus any items Acis HomePlus would need to source on your behalf.

The at home package

Our homes are our castles. And castles need maintaining. But sometimes we don’t have the time or ability to look after them in the way they need. 

Our at home packages are perfect solution to help you keep your homes safe, secure and warm at all times. 

We offer two versions: one for summer, and one for winter – with both of them lasting six months. You can take up our offer of either, or both, and can be billed monthly or every six months.

The winter package

  • Providing you with grit bins and grit to use.
  • Bringing in your garden furniture (once a year) 
  • Cleaning and clearing of patio area and paths 
  • Clearing gutters (once a year) 
  • Washing windows (every two months) 
  • Easing and adjusting windows and doors to avoid drafts and make sure they are shutting properly
  • Security and safety check/ advice about your home

The summer package

  • Regularly mowing the lawn 
  • Clearing gutters (once a year) 
  • Regularly washing windows (monthly)
  • Painting and upkeep of things like fences and gates 
  • Putting out your garden furniture (once a year) 
  • Putting away your garden furniture (once a year) 
  • Security and safety check/ advice about your home


  • Prices start from £40 a month.