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In their shoes with Lisa Bellenger the new Chair of the Gainsborough Uphill Community Centre

All places have their rough edges and Gainsborough is no exception, and when I first moved here 18 months ago, it was hard at first, to see part those edges at times.

As I settled in, started to build my yoga business and to become part of the community, I realised that this place was far out in front of many other places with regards to community spirit and genuine people who wanted to make a difference with no hidden agenda.

With the world as it is today, this was a refreshing change to me and I felt as if I had come home.

I got involved with the Gainsborough Uphill Community Centre when I was asked to provide a yoga class for young adults as part of a government initiative.

When the funding ceased with this, I continued the class, opening it up to all ages and abilities, this has gone from strength to strength.

As I become more involved in events in the centre, I can honestly say I have never witnessed such an inclusively run venue. There is no hierarchy, everyone is in it together, and all involved want the same thing - for the centre to work and thrive.

When the position of chair for the community centre steering group came up, I had already been considering playing a more active role at the centre, and this position seemed the perfect place to start.

My vision for the future with the centre is to try and meet the needs of the community with respect of providing activities and groups for our diverse audience, and to support groups and individuals to allow them to be as self-sustainable as possible.

I believe that by keeping groups connected and overlapping the work they are doing, that this is the key to seeing real results and in turn this will make the centre more likely to succeed.

We all have our own experience and knowledge, this makes every one of us an asset to the community, joining together can only make for a stronger, more successful result for everyone.

I am planning to work with current and new individuals to develop a strong group of volunteers, to enable the centre to run not only more effectively, but more inclusive to all residents. I feel that we need to work towards having a human presence in the centre as much as possible, to enable people to just drop-in and see what we are offering, as well as being able to signpost to other services if needed.

I am very excited at having this opportunity to be part of the community centre, and I am extremely blessed to have met such genuine people during my time here.


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  1. Helen schofield Thursday, 8 December 2016 at 10:18 PM

    I have been going to Lisa's brilliant yoga classes for over a year now. I look forward to class each Thursday. The community centre is a great venue for this , warm, clean and easy to access with good parking. Lisa is an inspiring lady and I'm sure she will be a real asset to the future of the centre.

In their shoes

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