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In their Shoes – Bryony Roberts

Bryony Roberts has been our Talent Match Ambassador for the past year and her time at Acis is coming to an end. Bryony has been involved in many projects here at Acis that have benefited the community...

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In their Shoes – Bryony Roberts

Bryony Roberts has been our Talent Match Ambassador for the past year and her time at Acis is coming to an end. Bryony has been involved in many projects here at Acis that have benefited the community.

Here she talks us through her year at Acis and what she accomplished.

On the day of the interview I sat in the reception waiting for Stephen Hall to come and collect me. The time came for me to sit at a desk and answer questions that I lost all my words for! After a few stutters, turning bright red and trying to make a few jokes, the interview was over and Stephen thanked me for my time. I honestly thought I had blown it, no chance that I was going to get this job. Around three hours later, I got a phone call to say that they would love me to work for Acis and Talent Match. I was so happy, a new start and a new direction to go in.

Fast forward down the line and I look back and think about how much I have achieved within my year here at Acis. After I helped with the initial start-up of Prime, I started to look into Mental Health resources, Anti-Social statistics and also the different level of customers that we have and what support would be needed for securing employment.

Within Acis I helped with several events and even ran my own. My first experience of this was firecracker, with Penny and other team members of Acis. I then ran my own craft sessions up at the Gainsborough Uphill Community Centre followed by my first event for Christmas.

Story and Craft time with Santa was the first project that I started and planned on my own. This was delivered with support from others and the day was a success. A great event for the local families with lots of messy play for the children and a wonderful story by Santa himself. Based on the success of this event, people asked for more like it. Next came the Spring Fayre which got bigger and better!

Whilst planning these I knew that I wanted to be more involved with engagement. I have helped to put on sessions at one of our local sheltered schemes. We have done crafts, knitting, jewellery making, tea parties and cake decorating. This has helped to raise our customers satisfaction and I have built a rapport with the community because of the amount of love and care I put into all I have done.

Whilst being here we have introduced a more structured approach to work experience and I have created a new process to support this within Acis.

I have attended meetings to discuss how we can work with partners and widen our opportunities for the local community, but providing more work experience and working collaboratively on projects with local schools and academies. I hope that the projects that I have been involved in have helped to be recognised as beneficial to the company and our customers and will support the development of new services that we can provide.


I have been encouraged to continue to develop my knowledge and skills. I have attended courses on Domestic Abuse, Sharps Awareness, Safeguarding and I have even been able to complete my Award in Education and Training which has helped me to take the next steps on my career journey.

If it wasn’t for my time here within Talent Match and Acis I would not of had the confidence to go into my next job.

In September I shall be becoming a Teaching Assistant for a local school and I can’t thank everyone’s enough for the support.

A massive thank you to Jill Dickson for taking me under her wing and allowing me to develop myself further. Id also like to thank Hannah Taylor-Dales for helping me to initially develop my role and use my time here efficiently. And thank you to Stephen Hall who helped me to make my teaching idea in the back of my head into something I feel more and more confident in. And to all who I have come across within the organisation, your friendship and support has been truly valued and I am happy to have met you.

I know that I was only based here for a year so I worked hard to make even the smallest impact to the community and the organisation. I have achieved a lot whilst here. I have learnt loads from all that has happened and for that I can’t thank Acis enough for asking me to be part of the work family.


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