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In their shoes – Moore Whelpton our work experience person

Moore came to work in our Marketing and Fundraising department for a week as part of her work experience. Here is how she got on… ...

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In their shoes – Moore Whelpton our work experience person

Moore came to work in our Marketing and Fundraising department for a week as part of her work experience. Here is how she got on…

I had never really heard of Acis Group until my brother started to work for them at the start of the year. Even then, I never truly understood what Acis was or did. When work experience started to come up at school, my brother recommended Acis to me as a great place to go and get some sort of idea of what I could potentially do in the future. He then emailed Jill, the Acis Volunteer Coordinator, and gathered her contact details for me; this is where my journey at Acis began.

Jill great and made everything simple for me so I knew exactly what was happening. Then the week before my work experience Bryony, the Acis Talent Match Area Ambassador, came into my school and prepped me on what I would get up to during my time at Acis.

The week of work experience began quicker than I thought. In reception at Acis House I met two other members of my school and Bryony. She took us up to an office where she explained to us what would happen over the next five days. We were then shown around the whole building and met the people whose teams we would be joining for the remaining week. I was placed with the marketing and fundraising team who made me feel extremely comfortable and as if I had worked with them for weeks.

After my induction, I had a meeting with the marketing team who covered everything I would be doing in the week. We went over many different things such as social media, articles and proof read the next Home News. Towards the end of the meeting, Hannah Taylor-Dales, the Fundraising Coordinator, took me out and went back over my timetable with me.

On my second day, I met Bryony again and she introduced me to Andrew, another member of the marketing team. Bryony, Andrew and I then went over to the Sheffield office, where we mapped out a walk of the Lower Manor area. We then went out and filmed the walk whilst we did it, so that we could upload it to the Infohub, a section of the Acis website that is full of self- help guides. After uploading the footage from the phone to the computer, we travelled back to Gainsborough, where I edited the footage and prepared it to go online.

Wednesday quickly came, and again, we were filming a walk that we had mapped out, except this time, it was Uphill’s in Gainsborough.

On Thursday, Andrew explained to me that all of the notice boards around the building needed updating. Therefore, I went to each notice board and removed all the posters. I then went back to the computer and designed six new posters, which are now up on every notice board in the building. After that, the editor of Home News had sent the new and updated copy of the magazine from when we had proof read it. Jacqui, a member of the marketing team, asked me to go back over it again to make sure that all the changes that we had made before were in there.

Then Friday had arrived and I started the day by creating multiple questions for an interview. These would be for the ‘Out and About’ section of the Autumn edition of Home News. I then held the interview and wrote up the questions and responses, ready for the editor to use.

Overall I have really enjoyed my time at Acis. I came to Acis not really knowing what the organisation was, but I now know that they are a social housing group that do so much more throughout so many communities. They deal with large amounts of problems with things that sometimes do not even concern them, but they are so determined to make their customers happy with the environment that they live in that they do it anyway.

They are always looking for new innovative ways to help their customers, for example the View It walks. The walks are a way of helping people to find out more about their community and express to the organisation about things which they are concerned about. They do so many thing across different communities but are sometimes not given the recognition they fully deserve.


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