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In their shoes with Justin Redfern our Multi Skilled Engineer

I’ve worked for Acis for two years and it’s been a fascinating time of change and growth.

My role here is as a Multi Skilled Engineer and it’s something I love doing. One of the biggest benefits of my role is helping people - that’s why I like working in repairs. I’m actually helping tenants and making improvements in their lives.

The small things that I do are really rewarding. Like this morning I was fixing a door for an elderly resident, she was struggling to close the door and the cold was coming in. It was only a small adjustment but it makes a huge difference in their lives.

I enjoy working with my hands and it’s something that I’ve always done. I do a lot of home maintenance and I’ve helped build houses in the past. I’ve also done many barn conversions but I do prefer working in people’s houses and making their lives easier and improving their homes.

The job can be challenging at times and on the very rare occasion you do have encounters with unhappy customers. I tend to be very diplomatic and try to look at the situation from the customer’s view point. Often you find that they are more responsive if you’re understanding and show you want to help them out.

Justin Redfern Engineer

The best thing about this job is working with some amazing people in the team. My direct colleagues are great and there’s plenty of banter between us. It’s a joy to work with them and it’s always great to come back to the office and see them all.

Today we’ve been working on a lot of doors. Due to the cold weather doors tend to tighten up and we receive some calls regarding cold coming in. We just have to make small adjustments and close the gap from the floor to the door. It’s a small job but it can make a lot of difference. 

I really enjoy going to places in the villages around Gainsborough as some of the houses are fantastic and really peaceful. Although I love working in the towns and the people you meet on jobs are really friendly. 


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