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Adjusting loose cupboard doors

Having a cupboard door hang off its hinges can be very frustrating. It might seem like a job for someone at Prime, but it’s really simple to adjust them yourself. 

What you will need



Step 1

Use the diagram on the right of this page to help you with adjusting the door. We have labelled the parts A, B, C and D.

Step 2

Make sure the locking screw C is tight. If this has come loose, the door may have slid in or out from its original position as the two parts of the hinge slide against each other. When the door is open, as shown aim for around a 1mm gap between the door and the cupboard.

Step 3

If this doesn’t fix the looseness, check the fixed door screws A and the adjustable cupboard screws B. Tighten these up. If they won’t tighten you may need to discard the original screws and replace them with fatter or longer ones.

Step 4

Make sure longer screws aren’t so long that they go right through the wood. Sometimes you may need to fill the holes with good quality two part wood filler to get a good tight connection.

Fixing cupboard door


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