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Tackling sink and toilet blockages


What you will need



Drain cleaner

Step 1

For most blockages, the first step to do is to get a plunger. Plungers can fix most clogged sinks, drains and toilets and one can easily be bought for under £10.

Step 2

Be sure to wear rubber gloves as things can get messy.

Step 3

Make your first plunge a gentle one, making sure the plunger is full of air. A hard thrust will force the air back around the seal and blow water all over the bathroom and you!

Step 4

Once you force out the air, repeat the motion quickly. You will be forcing water both directions in the drain, which will effectively loosen most clogs. Stick with it, plunging for around 30 seconds.

Step 5

It’s best to alternate between plunging fast and slow to make the water flush better.

Step 6

Keep enough water in the bowl so the plunger stays covered. Trying to force air through the toilet trap will not generate much pressure.

Step 7

Most of the time, this is all it takes to clear the clog. If you have repeated clogging, it might be a drainage performance issue and you may need to contact us.

Step 8

This should also work with toilets and external drains but if you need that extra help try using commercial drain cleaner which you can buy from the local supermarket.

Step 9

Read the label carefully to determine which cleaner is right for your particular type of blockage. For instance, some cleaners might work better in bathroom sinks, while others might work better for kitchen sinks.

Step 10

For most cleaners, you just need to simply pour the chemical down the drain and the blockage should be fixed. If you’re still struggling with a blockage, just give us a call.

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