Our Homes' Promise

To make sure that your new home, along with every home we have, is ready to move into and is safe and secure, we have a lettable standard. The standard sets out our promise to you what you can expect from the home you are moving into.

Before you move in, we do lots of work inside your home to ensure it is safe and secure and ready for you. We will:  

  • check the gas and electric connections are safe and carry out any work to anything that we feel might not be

  • test and inspect smoke alarms – and fit them if there aren’t already any in place

  • inspect and test burglar alarms, if they are supplied by us

  • carry out a visual inspection of the property to make sure it’s structurally safe, secure, weatherproof and is free from damp and woodworm

  • provide a handrail to all staircases to ensure its safe to use for everyone

  • check the windows, and re-glaze them where needed (in some cases this might happen after you move in).

  • fix any major defects to plasterwork, walls and ceilings so it is ready for decorating

  • ensure the kitchen has appropriate food cupboards and preparation areas

  • ensure you get at least two keys for each external door

  • ensure the inside of your home is clean and tidy before you move in

We will replace or repair:

  • damaged floorboards and floor tiles where they might be dangerous

  • doors when they are faulty

  • cracked bathroom fittings, including replacing any missing plugs and chains

In the garden and driveways, we also:

  • remove any structures like temporary outbuildings, garages, or ponds

  • replace or repair dangerous rainwater guttering and downpipes

  • clear any rubbish, including dog fouling

When you have moved into your new home, we continue to support you and:

  • any pre-existing fuel debt for the property is cleared and meter readings are taken. We’ll automatically connect you to British Gas and if your home is on a pre-payment meter, we’ll place a small amount of credit on your account free of charge.

  • finish any outstanding works that we have told you about in your handover appointment. These will only ever be minor works as we always ensure your house is safe, secure and clean before you move in. We will ensure these works are completed within the first four weeks. And if the work is to be carried out inside it will always be by appointment at a time to suit you. All this is in line with our repairs policy.

And we will always provide ways for you to feedback to us and tell us about your experience. Find out more here