Your home. Your community. Your annual report.

Our vision is to create opportunities for people to have better lives through having better homes and accessing better services. In short, we’re here to help you. We’re here to serve you.

Each year, we look back at how successful we’ve been in helping you. We look at the impact we’ve had, take stock and evaluate to see how we might be able to improve our services.

This annual report reviews our progress over the last 12 months and benchmarks our success against the best housing associations in the country.

How your rent is spent




How your rent is spent (£)                                          

Finance costs                                     5.0 

Gas servicing                                     1.0

Housing management                        3.1

Property improvements                      5.6

Routine maintenance                         2.6

Service costs                                     1.0

Empty properties                               1.7 

How your rent is spent graphic

How your rent is spent

Better homes

81% of customers satisfied with the overall quality of their home

In the last year we’ve developed 92 homes as we look to widen our services to more people, including helping to get people onto the property ladder through our home ownership schemes.

But we’ve also invested in our existing properties as well, installing 66 new kitchens, 140 new bathrooms, 242 new windows and 258 new heating systems as well as insulating homes to keep them efficient. And we’ve analysed even more properties to make sure we continue to bring your homes up to the standard you deserve.

We’re working with developers to bring more affordable housing to the communities where we work, widening our reach and supporting as many people as possible. 

Closer working across our teams also helped us to cut the number of days it took to let our empty properties to new customers by 23%, meaning we are able to house more people.

Better homes stats  Letting times stats

Better services

81% of customers satisfied with the overall quality of service

We know we can’t work alone to support you. We’re working with dozens of partner agencies to deliver and develop services to help people lead better lives – and ultimately sustain tenancies.

  • We worked with 81 partner organisations and gained £333,557 through external funding.
  • Last year, our wider support services contributed more than £2.4m* to local communities through various engagement initiatives – smashing our £1.5m target.

*as calculated by the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust’s social value calculator

  • We implemented or took on board 11 recommendations from customers

And we’re planning a lot more next year, including introducing new digital features to help you manage your tenancies easier.

Better lives

83% of customers satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live

We’re about more than bricks and mortar. Our work to support you doesn’t stop when you leave your front door.

In the last year, we’ve ingrained our ‘Focus on’ initiatives within our wider work to help people progress in their daily lives – from training and employment to financial advice and healthy living.

We’ve invested more than £90,000 in the communities through our Better Places initiative designed to improve the street scenes around our estates.

  • We saved our customers almost £4,000 just by helping them switch energy suppliers.
  • We carried out 500 customer assessments and gave 145 people further support with various aspects of their lives.
  • Our Supporting Foundations service, which helps people manage their tenancies better, had an 87.5% success rate.

Customer satisfaction

Value for money

84% of customers who say their rent provides value for money  

listened to

60% of customers who say their views are listened to and acted upon


65% of customers satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service

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Annual report 2017/18

Annual report 17/18


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