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Welcome to our annual report

Your home. Your community. Your annual report.

Everything we do is for you - our customers. 

Each year we report back on our achievements and how successful we've been in helping you live your lives.

This is our annual report.

Scroll through the images below to find out more about what we've done this year.

How your rent is spent

Each year we break down what we have spent your rent on.

This includes things such as the overall management and maintenance of our homes, repairs, back office costs and generally making sure your home is safe.

This is broken down as finance costs (35%), housing management (21%), routine maintenance (19%), empty properties (11%), gas servicing (8%) and service costs (6%).

The chart below is a visual representation to show you how your rent is spent.


How your rent is spent

Complaints 2018/19

In 2018/19 we received 146 complaints. These complaints were regarding, planned works, estate management, rent, repairs, staff and tenancy matters.

How have we performed in resolving these complaints?

Resolved at stage one – 126

Resolved at stage two – 17

Resolved at stage three – 3


Breakdown of complaints

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If you are keen to read more - and find out how we've performed against other housing associations - read the full report below

Annual report 2018/19

Our annual report 2018/19  


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