• Building development

Developing new homes

Each year, we aim to develop at least 150 new affordable homes. These include homes for affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

We work with local developers to build quality, affordable homes in the heart of communities. We aim to develop in areas we currently have a footprint so new customers can easily benefit from our existing services.

We develop one, two and three-bedroomed houses, bungalows and flats. Whatever your situation, we’ll probably have a solution that suits your needs.

Affordable rent

We’re a social housing provider, so the majority of homes we develop will be available at an affordable rent – for people who need them. You’ll need to register on your local Choice Based Lettings system to ‘bid’ for these properties – talk to your local council for more information.

Shared ownership

Our popular shared ownership scheme is ideal for first time buyers or people looking to get on the property ladder again. It’s a part buy, part rent scheme which allows you to buy a share of the property (a minimum of 25%) through cash or a mortgage and make rent payments to us on the remaining share. You can increase your share over time, and usually progress to full ownership.

Outright sale

We also develop some homes to be sold outright – just like you would buy direct from developers. These homes are normally sold ‘off-plan’ and go quick, so make sure to keep checking back to view our latest properties.

Have a look at the properties we currently have available and start your application today.

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