How to pay your rent

Your rent not only pays for your house, but also pays for the services we provide for you. 

Everyone is different so we offer a range of flexible options for you to pay.

It’s also important you tell us about any changes to the people living in your house, as it may affect your payments. 

Paying by Direct Debit

This is the simplest, most convenient method of paying your rent by monthly instalments on any day to suit you. To set up a Direct Debit please call us on 0800 027 2057.


Direct debit

direct debit

Paying over the phone

You can make payments over the telephone using your debit or credit card by calling our dedicated automated phone line on 0330 041 6497.


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Paying online

It's easy to pay online, just have your payment card to hand. If you don't have this, our contact centre can order one for you.  Make a payment now



Paying by Standing Order

Payments can be made from most banks and building societies on either weekly or monthly terms direct to your rent account. Contact us on 0800 027 2057 and we can help you with this. 

Standing order


Paying your rent further info

Unlike private landlords, we don’t ask you to pay a bond but you’ll pay at least one weeks’ rent in advance to give you a safety net just in case your circumstances change. 

It’s your responsibility to pay your rent but we also offer support if you’re struggling to pay, including budget planning and independent financial advice. Further help may also be available to you via Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, though please note that from 2018, the amount you may get through your benefits could be less than the rent for some of our homes.


Nominating an authorised person to discuss your account

If you would like to nominate someone to discuss your tenancy, including your rent, with us, please check out our authority to discuss page.