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What you think about Acis texting you about your repairs appointments? We've come up with three text messages and we would like you to give us your feedback. Tell us what you think and fill out the form below. Please note these are sample dates and times.

Message one, sent as confirmation of a reported repair - Hello, just to confirm we have booked your repair to be carried out between 9am – 12pm, Mon 13 Feb. If you need to change this appointment call 08000272057 (characters used 155)

Message two, sent the day before a repair - Hello, just a reminder that a Prime engineer is visiting tomorrow between 9am – 12pm to carry out your repair. If you need to change this call 08000272057 (characters used 154)

Message three, sent on the day of the repair - Hello, just to let you know Prime engineer, John Smith is on his way to you now to carry out your repair(s). (characters used 118)

Tell us what you think of the text messages and fill out the form below:


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Say it - text messaging

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