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The Youth and Employer Support (YES) programme is here to support young people and employers in West Lindsey tackle youth unemployment in the region.

The unique programme is here to help young people aged 16-30 and local employers find sustainable employment opportunities that meet the needs of everyone.

Are you aged between 16 and 30 and looking for work opportunities or reach personal goals? Or are you a local employer looking for a cost effective way to employ local young talent? Fill out the form below to register your interest.


Why YES is for you

Young people

Built by young people, for young people

The YES programme is here with a unique take on youth employment support.

We have listened to young people across West Lindsey and young have told us that the right support hasn't been there for you.

Well, YES is here to change that. It's been built by young people, for young people.

Starting from 16 all the way to 30, our young person support team will work with you to help you grow and reach your personal goals.

All kinds of support

Our dedicated young person support team will be on hand to help you acheive any goals you have when it comes to work and further learning opportunities.

We are more than just an employment service and will help with things such as:

  • Work experience opportunities
  • Training
  • CV and interview skills
  • Job trials
  • Building confidence and motivation
  • and much more!

Our support is flexible to meet your needs. We offer 1-2-1 support as well as group support sessions depending on your preference as well as plenty of networking opportunities to meet and greet with other local young people and employers.

We will support you with anything you need to acheive what you aspire to achieve and to be a success.

Get in touch with Lorraine and talk to her about all the different opportunites we can offer you.


Support right the way through

YES is there for you every step of the way.

Not only will we support you in finding opportunities, we will make sure they're right for you.

Our hands on support doesn't stop when you find work or wider opportunities - we will make sure it works and you are happy with whatever path you take.

We will help you reach your potenial and become brilliant in what you do.


Right on your doorstep!

What's best of all is YES is right on your doorstep!

Covering the whole of West Lindsey, our team are here to work with you to find opportunities in your area.

We will be working with local young people and local employers to offer you the best chance of succeeding in your local area.

So get in touch with Lorraine and say YES!


You lead the way

Our free Youth and Employer Support (YES) programme offers a unique employer-led recruitment service connecting local young people with local employers.

YES is here to help you succeed, minimising barriers and stigma around employing young people.

We support young people aged between 16 to 30 in West Lindsey find work opportunities to increase their long-term employment prospects.

We give young people the skills you need, enabling them to hit the ground running and help grow your organisation.

Our dedicated employer support team will work with you to understand how young people can add value to your business – from full-time employment, Apprenticeships, work experience and more.

Connecting you to local people

YES will connect you with young people from West Lindsey to help you recruit the best local talent for your organisation.

We will create networking opportunities for you to meet and get to know local young people and find out the value they can offer your business.

And we will make sure young people are ready for work.

We will:

  • Help to build motivation and confidence in them
  • Prepare them for interviews
  • Support with the whole recruitment process
  • And be there right the way through until both you and the young person are happy for us to step away.

Already employ young people? Our support doesn’t just include new recruits. We will support you and your current workforce to become more productive and successful through things like mentoring and training opportunities.

Let your organisation flourish by upskilling your young people or employing ready-to-work candidates. 

Support right the way through

Once you’ve recruited, our help doesn’t stop. Our support is tailored to you and includes:

  • Regular contact from your dedicated employer support lead
  • Hands on support in making sure young people settle into your organisation properly and fit with your way of working
  • Making sure you’re happy with how things are going

More than just recruitment

Not recruiting? There are lots of ways to get involved with YES until you are ready to recruit!

Our team can help you offer wider opportunities to young people in West Lindsey, including:

  • Job trials – opportunities for both you and young people to trial a job
  • Work experience – opportunities for young people to gain vital workplace experience
  • Mock interviews – a valuable and practical way to give back to the local community that can make a real difference to confidence and employability skills.

And that’s not all. By being part of our programme, you can become a recognised Organisation of Choice for you to stand out as an employer who offers life-changing opportunities to young people.

Meet the team

Lorraine Espin-Hempsall - Young person lead

Having worked for Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue for seven years delivering the Princes Trust TEAM Programme, I joined Voluntary Centre Services in 2015 as the Talent Match Youth Advocate for Gainsborough.

When that project came to its conclusion, I joined the Greater Lincolnshire MOVE project to bring my expertise to the project in Gainsborough. 

I now have a fantastic opportunity to carry on my work with young people through the YES project which will offer 1:1 support into education, employment or training for the 16-30 age group.

I gained an honours degree in History of Art and Design from Lincoln University and hold a CTLLS certificate along with many other youth work related qualifications including counselling, mindfulness, mental health first aid and suicide intervention. I am always keen to embrace new ways of working and take a pragmatic approach to meeting objectives. I have delivered many sessions on employability, teamwork, confidence building and community working within the local community. 

Victoria Cross - Employer lead

Hi, I’m Vicki the Employer Engagement Lead for YES.

I have previously worked for over seven years in the welfare to work sector supporting those that are considered long term unemployed to get back in to sustainable employment. I’ve worked closely with local employers to build effective business relationships, secured exclusive employment opportunities and provided ongoing support to employers with their recruitment needs.

I am keen to use my existing experience to build a network of local employers within the West Lindsey area to help increase employment opportunities for the young people we are working with.

My role is focused on providing ongoing support to employers, helping them to understand the challenges young people face in the work place in order to create a smooth transition in to employment and in turn reduce youth unemployment in the local area.

If you would like to know more about our YES programme or to get involved please contact me on 07973678994 or 01427 675765.

Get in touch

Young People

Lorraine Espin-Hempsall - Young Person Lead

Direct dial: 01427 800964

Mobile: 07422665340



Victoria Cross - Employer support Lead 

Direct dial: 01427 675772

Mobile: 07973 678994


Register your interest

Register your interest

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YES is here!

YES is here!

We are leading on a new and unique programme to tackle youth unemployment in West Lindsey.

The Youth and Employer Support (YES) Programme is here and will bring a new twist to employment programmes.

Not only will the programme help local young people aged 16-30, it will also offer a dedicated employer support service.

By offering a free hands-on service, the YES programme will support local employers to recruit to and sustain long-term employment opportunities for young people.  

The four-year programme, in partnership with Voluntary Centre Services (VCS), is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK.

The the aim is to create sustainable opportunities and tackle the youth unemployment rate in the region.

On the launch of the programme, Hannah Taylor-Dales, Service Development Manager at Acis said: “We’re delighted to get the YES programme started. It’s an exciting concept and we can’t wait to engage with local young people and employers to tackle youth unemployment.”

Heather Arnatt, Area Coordinator at Voluntary Centre Services West Lindsey said: “We’re pleased to bring our skills and experience to this new partnership. We feel passionately about offering something different to young people in the area, to address the issues that really matter and help them to set their own path.”

The National Lottery Community Fund distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes. Last year it awarded over half a billion pounds and supported over 11,000 projects across the UK for health, education, environment and charitable purposes. To find out more visit

For more information, call Acis on 0800 027 2057

YES - Youth and Employer Support programme launching this summer

YES - Youth and Employer Support programme launching this summer

We are delighted to launch the new four-year programme supporting young people and local employers to increase youth employment - YES.

Beginning this summer, we have received almost £400,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, to lead an innovative new youth employment programme across the West Lindsey district.

And we are looking for two people to join the team to work on this programme. The two vacancies we have in the programme are an Employer Support Lead and Administration Assistant.

To find out more about each role and how to apply, see our vacancies page here

Beginning in July, the Youth and Employer Support (YES) programme will be delivered in partnership with Voluntary Centre Services (VCS) to benefit around 200 young people and 100 employers.

Unemployed West Lindsey residents aged 16-30 will be able to receive free employability and lifestyle support as they search to find suitable, sustainable employment, while local employers will have access to a dedicated resource, making it easier to recruit skilled people in the area.

The National Lottery Community Fund distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes. Last year it awarded over half a billion pounds and supported over 11,000 projects across the UK for health, education, environment and charitable purposes. To find out more visit

For more information, call Acis on 0800 027 2057

This builds upon our current employability support programme, Acelerate -