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Checking your thermostat

Thermostat on wall

21 Mar 2022

Worried about your thermostat not working properly?

Step one: See if the time is set correctly. Is the clock working to time, or has it reset itself due to a power outage? Most modern timers keep the settings and times; however some older models can reset to midnight. 

In the case of an old mechanical clock, it may have not adjusted when you changed the clocks back or forward according to the season. 

Step two: Make sure the thermostat in the room is set. Check that it is turned up and set to a warmer temperature. Remember that the radiators and boiler will not come on if your room is already up to temperature. 

We suggest for test purposes you set it to maximum and turn it down again once you know your heating is working 

Step three: Go around your house and check the heating. Hover your hand over radiators to see if they are heating up and check all the hot taps are working. 

Step four: If your heating is still cold it might be time to try something else. Topping up your boiler or resting it might do the job.  

If you still have an issue, call us on 0800 027 2057 and we’ll advise. 

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