13 Apr 2022

This month we welcomed families with open arms as they joined us in celebrating Easter.

On Tuesday 12 April we opened our doors at Gainsborough Uphill Community Centre and invited families with young children to join in on Easter fun.

Six minutes in, the hall was swamped with 13 curious parents and 23 energetic children who joined us in getting messy with creative crafts.

This event was hosted alongside Riverside Training's building family relationship course. Tracey Burbanks, our Learning Quality Lead at Riverside Training, managed the event and said: "The course is designed to help parents improve their parenting skills and learn how to spend quality time with their families."

"We chose to deliver this course in the Easter holidays because we wanted to engage as many parents, grandparents and children as we could."

As parents spend quality time with their children they learnt valuable parenting skills. Tracey said: "We wanted to teach transferrable skills and strategies that the parents can use when helping their children with home learning. There were also practical, maths and literacy based activities."

From creating warming Easter cards, signs, banners and Easter characters, parents and children bonded over Easter celebrations. Other activities involved taking part in fun sport activities.

The most popular activity was our exciting Easter egg hunt. And due to popularity, we ran out of work sheets for them to track their adventures!

Astonished by the high number of parents attending the event, Tracey said: "We were very surprised at the popularity of this course. Within six minutes of the course starting, we had a room full of eager children and more importantly, eager parents and grandparents.

"Everyone was successful in at least one activity and most said they had learnt at least one new skill."

It was clear to see the perfect mashup of learning and fun activities was a success. One parent even said: "Today was magical."

In total, 20 parents and over 30 children attended. It is obvious to say we lost count!

We have more family bonding and learning events coming soon! Keep an eye on our socials or see what courses we have coming up.

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