10 Jul 2023

We take employability seriously at our CLIP and Riverside Training centres. We encourage our learners to do the very best they can to realise their potential, and our training centres offer different support with tutors on hand to help wherever our learners need it to improve their employability.

Employability is the transferable skills a person needs to help them achieve success in finding work. ‘Employers like to see experience or demonstration of defined skills they require from an employee, and to ensure people can carry out the task at hand to the best of their ability before they employ someone.

Your employability is around your skills and knowledge, how you conduct yourself and how you present yourself to an employer.

Here are our top ten things potential employers look for:

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills – can you explain things in writing and when you speak? Listening is also important, as well as how you relate to others and act on key information and instructions.
  2. Problem solving skills – how do you understand problems, break them down and identify key issues, implications, and solutions? And how do you apply your knowledge to help solve the problem?
  3. Using initiative and being self-motivated – can you turn your own ideas into reality? Do you have a strong drive, and can you act without always being told what to do?
  4. Working under pressure and to deadlines – how well can you navigate through high stress situations and meeting deadlines? Do you need extra support with this?
  5. Organisational skills – how do you plan your work? Do you work to organised and methodical plans? How do you set about meeting deadlines, targets and monitoring your progress?
  6. Team working – how well do you work with others? Can you recognise what other people from different disciplines and backgrounds can contribute to achieving goals?
  7. Ability to learn and adapt – are you enthusiastic about your work, and how well do you learn from mistakes?
  8. Numeracy – how confident are you in using data and maths to support evidence and get your points across?
  9. Valuing diversity and difference – do you recognise and understand the value of diversity?  It’s important to be considerate of different needs and individuals, and recognise the contribution all people can bring
  10. Negotiation skills – how well do you take on board how others feel? Can you express your own requirements in an unemotional, clear way to achieve outcomes and goals?

Our Riverside Training and CLIP centres offer courses to help people prepare for work and improve their employability skills. If you feel you need support with anything we’ve mentioned here, get in touch with our CLIP or Riverside Training teams to see how we can help.

Check out the links below and find the course for you.

Riverside Training: https://www.acisgroup.co.uk/riverside-training/our-courses/

CLIP: https://cliplearning.com/courses/

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