18 Jul 2023

Join us for sports, games and fun all summer long.

We know children can be energetic during school holidays. But our free Summer activities will keep your children happy, entertained and busy all summer. 

We have got plenty of activites for you, your family and children to choose from. There is something for everyone!

From sports day at the end of July to sports and games activities running throughout the summer. 


Where can you find us?

Mondays starting from 24 July: sport sessions at The Levelings

Wednesdays starting from 26 July: games sessions at Richmond Park

Fridays starting from 28 July: sport sessions at Aisby Walk


Sports Days

Tuesday 25 July: Family Sports Day at The Levelings

Thursday 27 July: Family Sports Day at Aisby Walk

Friday 1 September: End the summer with our Sports Day at The Levelings


Want to know more?

Get in touch at: enquiries@riverside-training.org.uk


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