12 Nov 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

Maisie* joined the Building Better Opportunities programme with our team at Riverside Training to increase her chances of gaining employment or place in education.

The Building Better Opportunities programme is a National Lottery Funded project that is designed to support people who are unemployed and need support to not only get into work or education, but to improve their wellbeing.

Maisie was referred to our team after showing signs of anxiety that stopped her from achieving her potential.

Our Employment Coach at Riverside, Beth Danville, who manages the Building Better Opportunities partnership said: “Maisie had no confidence or belief in herself. She was very secluded and didn’t interact with other people.”

We supported Maisie with one-to-one chats, catchups and anything else that she raised.

She comes into Riverside’s training centre every week for one hour to update Beth on her progress and raise any concerns.

In September, Maisie shared the fantastic news that she had secured a place at a university studying business which was a passion of hers!

Beth said: “I was so pleased for her. She was worked so hard to rebuild her confidence and this is the next step that she needs.”

Maisie continued to go into the centre for support before starting university as we helped her with loan applications, organising and understanding what to bring to university.

Beth said: “Maisie had told me that she was nervous to stand up and do presentations in front of her class as she felt like she wouldn’t be able to do it. She believed the nerves would be too overwhelming.”

Maisie’s anxiety proved to be a difficult barrier to overcome as she would panic, freeze or hide when she knew she had to do a presentation. However, we continued to provide reassurance and tips on how to remain calm and relaxed.

On her second week at University Maisie had to present a presentation to her new class friends. But with our support, Maisie was able to finish the presentation without hiding away from her fears.

Beth said: “A couple of months ago, she wouldn’t have been able to this but now she feels confident enough to do so.

“I am so pleased that Maisie has reached a point in her life where she can socialise, meet new people and experience new things without hiding behind her anxiety.”

The Building Better Opportunities programme and our team at Riverside gave Maisie the opportunity to blossom, secure a place in education and build a better future for herself.

Maisie is still at university and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

If you are unemployed and need our support to get into work or education contact our team at Riverside Training on 01427 677 277 or email enquiries@riverside-training.org.uk.

*Name changed to respect privacy.

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