26 Oct 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

Since the global pandemic hit, Jayne Preston had to shield which sadly led to her losing her job.

She says: “It has been a really tough time. The past 12 months has been really tough financially.”

“I wanted something to chill me out. So, Shaw Trust pointed me in the direction of an arts and crafts course with Riverside.”

Jayne takes up crafting in her free time and believed the Time for Art course would be an enjoyable way to pass time whilst at home.

The Time for Art course has been held virtually which is great for Jayne as she lives in Litchfield. She says: “It’s been accessible and inclusive. I wouldn’t have done the course if it wasn’t online as I wouldn’t have had the motivation.  

“It’s helped me get into a positive mindset.”

Shaw Trust and Riverside supported Jayne through this tough time and enrolled her onto the course in January. Jayne says: “It has been enjoyable and great to talk to other people.  

“I’ve learnt so much since joining the course and I found something that I can stick to and keep doing it. It’s really helped get through a dark time.”

Jayne has learnt new skills and improved on different ways to show her art. She says: “I get a lot of positive feedback and you can see the difference between my art when I first started and my art now.”

But that’s not the only thing the Time for Art course has taught Jayne. She says: “It helped me to improve my confidence and know that I can do this.”  

“It’s been a big help and I look forward to my classes. It’s a shame that it will be finishing soon.”

Jayne’s journey with Riverside is coming to an end as she has successfully found work. She says: “I have just been offered a job in a care home, something similar to what I was doing before.”

“I will be able to use the skills I have learnt in the course in my new job.”

Jayne thanks our team at Riverside for their support.

We wish you well in your new job. If you are struggling to find employment, need support with your wellbeing or would like to join one of our courses, head over to Riverside's website: www.riverside-training.org.uk/

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