10 Dec 2020 | Posted by Rebecca Garbutt

Here at Riverside, we know that finding a job comes down to more than just a great CV.

For many of the learners we work with, building a CV is just one piece of the employability puzzle.

One learner who knows this all too well is 51-year-old Paul Collings from Gainsborough.

Paul got in touch with our team in October after deciding he was ready to start looking for a job.  

With low self-esteem and no CV, Paul was worried that his limited work history would see him struggle to find sustainable work.  

After recently moving to the area, Paul was also finding it difficult to meet new people and was starting to feel quite isolated.

To help Paul access the support he needed, we encouraged him to sign up to our Accelerate project.

Accelerate is about so much more than just employability skills. We work with our learners to help them to change their lives in positive ways, whilst keeping employment at the front of their minds.

Paul was put in touch with our employability coach, Mick, who suggested he try some of our employability and wellbeing workshops.

By attending our ‘Get That Job’ workshop, Paul was able to share his experiences and meet people just like him.  

He began seeing improvements in his self-esteem and started feeling more positive and motivated about the future.  

Mick worked with Paul to build a new CV and got him in touch with recruitment companies that could teach him about the opportunities available.

After working with Mick for less than a month, Paul was offered a job working as a mixing technician for a local pharmaceutical company.

Pleased with his new role, Paul couldn’t be happier with the support and advice he received.  

He said: “I would like to thank Mick for his dedication and help, without which I would never have found work!”

We’re over the moon for Paul and wish him the best of luck in his new job. As with all our learners we’ll continue to support him for as long as he needs us.  

Could you or someone you know use our help?  

Whether they’re looking for work, friends or general wellbeing support, our team are on hand to help!

For more information or to get in touch with a member of our team, call 01427 677 277 or email us at enquiries@riverside-training.org.uk

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