18 Jan 2022 | Posted by Emily Bowes

We will be delivering the new one-year Acistance scheme through Shine Lincolnshire’s Community Asset Development Fund in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

It will give people in two areas of the county – people living in the Trent and East Lindsey Primary Care Network areas – access to much-needed support as they look to overcome some of the challenges they face in life.

It will help people in towns and villages like Gainsborough, Saxilby, Bardney, Louth and Market Rasen.

Support will come through a mix of wellbeing interventions, such as one-to-one sessions, social engagement events and group workshops, designed to help increase confidence, self- esteem and general wellbeing.

Participants, referred through various routes, will get confidential time to talk through anything troubling them, regular opportunities to meet new people and chances establish new lines of support.

Confidence and wellbeing courses will also be delivered by our Riverside Training team to help people build coping strategies and enhance their wellbeing.

Hannah Taylor-Dales, our Business Development Manager, said: “Mental health is extremely important so we’re so grateful for the opportunity from Shine Lincolnshire to support people to overcome some of the issues they may be facing.

“We know from previous experience that having a safe space for people to talk through their worries or feelings can be life changing.

“And we know everyone is different, so a one-size fits all approach won’t work. Everyone who participates in this programme will have a different outcome, based on their own lives and aspirations.”

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