Lisa finds her confidence as she lands work experience as an assistant

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13 Jan 2022 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

We're excited to announce that Lisa Houchin has landed work experience with our team, at Riverside Training, after being in long term unemployment.

This comes after receiving opportunities presented through the ESF project and our partnership with Lincolnshire County Council.

Our Support Foundations team contacted Lisa, one of our tenants, in the summer to see if she needed support with finding work.

She had been unemployed for a while due to her health and is now ready to get back into work.

Presenting people with work opportunities was a part of our mission on the ESF project and we are delighted to help Lisa reach her short, medium and long term goals.

All of which relate to building confidence, improving her IT skills and finding work in an office setting.

Lisa said: “Due to ill health, I can’t walk very far. So, I’d like to find work in admin or as a receptionist and build my confidence.”

Lisa joined the project in September and hoped her experience as a part-time teaching assistant in an after school club would help her to find work in Gainsborough.

Soon after, she met with our Customer Support Officer, Kirsty Clayton, and our Employment Coach at Riverside Training, Emily Humphries, to enroll onto two IT courses.

However, Lisa said: “I was petrified.”

Although Lisa wanted support, she had low confidence and was nervous to meet new people. She said: “I’ve had no confidence in myself for a long time now.”

With encouragement Lisa enrolled onto IT Basics for Beginners and IT for Work course, run with Lincolnshire County Council, and worked on improving her confidence as she spoke to other learners.

Lisa soon learnt her way around a computer and how to use different applications such as, Microsoft. She said: “I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know.

“But this course has really helped me to prepare for an admin or receptionist role.”

Our team supported Lisa as she attended The Workables - our job club - to update her CV and apply for jobs.

But little did Lisa know what awaited just around the corner.

We presented Lisa with the exciting opportunity to work alongside our team at Riverside Training in late November as an assistant.

Lisa was thrilled and has since assisted Emily with teaching. She said: “It has helped me tremendously as I was able to support other people in building their confidence and share my experiences.”

“If it wasn’t for Kirsty, I wouldn’t have taken the steps into rebuilding my confidence and taking on work experience.

“I do want to get into work and the support and encouragement I get from the ESF project, Kirsty and the Riverside team is really good.”

The ESF project has now ended but Lisa is continuing with her journey at Riverside Training as an assistant.

If you would like to follow in Lisa’s footsteps and improve your skills, take a look at our upcoming courses.

For work opportunities please our team on 0800 027 2057 or email

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