15 Dec 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

Kia Hollingshead, 24, started his journey with our team at Riverside Training on the Kickstart Scheme, which provides young adults with work opportunities.  

He started as a Community Sports Coach Kickstarter in July and was tasked with delivering sports to the community and children in line with the Children in Need partnership.

Kia said: “I love sports and I was excited to be presented with this opportunity at Riverside.”

Kia had struggled to find work before joining the Kickstart scheme and was unemployed for 15 months. He said: “The scheme really helped me to find my feet.”

From there, Kia bonded with the team and played a big role in bringing the community together. He said: “My role was to deliver sport session and activities to the community and engage with our customers. I enjoyed it a lot.”

So much that Kia volunteers with Kixx to support in delivering football sessions to children.  

But one of his most enjoyable times was working with our Riverside team. He said: “It’s been really nice to build up trust and good relationships with everyone. If I was to leave, I’d miss the team and how well everyone supports each other.”

Sadly, Kia’s placement with Riverside was coming to an end, so he joined the Business Admin routeway, run with Lincolnshire County Council, to gain a qualification.

Kia said: “I’m excited to receive a qualification from this routeway. Not only is it my safety net, but it has developed my employability, customer service and teamwork skills.”

The course has not only presented Kia with more opportunities, but it has helped him to develop his transferable skills. He said: “I now know what employers are expecting from candidates, which will help me when looking for future work.”

However, Kia has also gained a new found confidence as he hosts sports sessions and gets involved with activities going on around the group.

He said: “I’ve always liked sports but Riverside has helped me get to where I want to be.”

Upon looking for his next journey, Kia spoke with our Employability Manager, Victoria Cross, about carrying on work with Riverside after his time on the Kickstart Scheme ends.

We’re now excited to welcome Kia to our team permanently as he has landed a part-time role as a Community Sports Coach.  

Kia said: “I wasn’t sure that I would be joining the Riverside team after my placement had ended, but I was hopeful.   

“When I got the offer there was no hesitation. I knew it’s what I wanted to do.”

Kia will be continuing with the work he has been doing the past six months. He says: “I’m excited to still be a part of the team”

To join our free courses, with Lincolnshire County Council, visit: www.riverside-training.org.uk/workshops

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