29 Nov 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

Our team at Riverisde provide courses, in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council, to support people to get into work and achieve their life goals.

Ann Slater joined our Get into Business Admin routeway to learn the ways of a Business Admin role and improve her office skills.

From there she took on the Level 1 Business Admin qualification and is due to finish on the 6 December.

Ann dreams of working in accouting and said: “I’m nervous to take the exam but I know this will help me to get a job in accounting.”

Our Employment Coach, Emily Humphries, has helped Ann throughout her journey with Riverside and teaches the level one qualification. She said: “Her work is being marked as she progresses on the course and is predicted to pass.”

Since joining the course, Ann has developed her academic and presentation skills and has decided to enroll onto more courses to better her chances of landing a job.

Ann has since enrolled onto our English and Maths course to gain her Level 2 qualification.

Since joining our courses at Riverside, Ann has improved on her wellbeing and confidence as she meets new people and gains new skills. Emily said: “Her confidence has improved massively.”

Last week Ann was tasked with writing an elevator pitch about why she should get a Business Admin role. Emily is impressed at how much Ann has improved her confidence and said: “It was great to see her pitch as she wouldn’t of done that in the beginning.”

Although nerve racking, Ann finished the presentation and faced her fear of public speaking. She said: “My confidence is a hell of a lot better.”

Ann now knows how to deliver presentations confidently and gives advice to those who get nervous. Ann said: “The trick is to stand and speak clearly and try not to fidget. Act like no one is there because it helped me.”

Our team have supported Ann from the very beginning with her coursework, wellbeing, confidence and work skills. Ann said: “The Riverside team are fantastic and the courses are really helpful. They don’t leave you to struggle and they have helped me a lot.”

We’re excited to announce that Ann has secured a place at Lincoln College studying bookkeeping and accounting.

To follow in Ann’s steps, take a look at our courses at Riverside Training

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