26 Aug 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

Riverside recently shared news about John Bateson and how he has increased his confidence through their sign language course run with Lincolnshire County Council.

From taking part in one course, he has since taken part in several different courses and started to feel confident enough to start job hunting.  

Tutor  Tracey Burbanks says: ”John was reluctant to speak at the beginning of the first session. But overtime , his interaction improved, and he became a more confident person.”

“The pinnacle was when he went to hospital, and he was able to communicate with someone who is hard of hearing using sign language. He was extremely proud when he was telling me about it.”

John regularly pops into the Riverside Training centre to let us know how he is doing and what is going on.

Recently, he came in to let them know he has succeeded in getting a new job with Noble Foods.

To find out more about the courses Riverside run and how they can help you build your confidence visit our courses.

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