10 Aug 2021 | Posted by Emily Bowes

Kyran Phokeerdoss attends Time for Art course to overcome self-esteem and confidence barriers.

Time for Art is a course delivered by Riverside in partnership with Shaw Trust that focuses on using art to relax and unwind. For some people art can be a means of self-healing, self-discovery, and beneficial to their emotional and physical wellbeing, Kyran agrees, saying: “After the course I felt chilled, relaxed, and focused.”

By the end of the course, Kyran will be able to use art as a form of expression whilst boosting self-esteem and confidence levels.

This is what father Dean Phokeerdoss hopes for his son, he says: “Ky has always had difficulties communicating and socialising. This course will help him with his self-confidence, believing he fits in, and his self-worth.”

Kyran was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and sometimes finds it difficult to concentrate. However, Customer Support Officer at Riverside, Emma Docherty was impressed with how Kyran dealt with joining the course, saying: “Kyran showed great concentration during the course which has helped him thrive throughout”

Now aged 22, Kyran wants to develop his skills and has travelled from Stoke-on-Trent to attend the course.

Although Time for Art is a means to relax and socialise it is so much more for Kyran. Dean expresses: “This course is something that will really benefit Kyran [in employment].

“I think Ky will be a good employee regardless of what job he’ll end up doing but it is about confidence and structure which I believe he will receive doing this course.”

From one session, Kyran has already shown improvements in his confidence, he says: “The tutor is great and very patient; he offered a relaxed environment that made me feel very welcome.”

Watching from the side lines, his father believes the support from Riverside and Shaw Trust will be beneficial to Kyran. He says: “I believe he will benefit immensely and even by just doing things that are of interest to him and talking to people in normal day to day.”

The course runs for four weeks and by the end Kyran hopes to improve his concentration levels. Dean shares: “We feel very welcome. The course is encouraging and rewarding and that is after day one.”

This is one of many courses found at Riverside. To find more about the courses they offer contact them on 01427 677 277 or email Riverside at enquiries@riverside-training.org.uk.

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