24 Aug 2021 | Posted by Courtney Chandler

The creative writing course, run in partnership with Shaw Trust, allows participants to discover different ways of writing to promote wellbeing, happiness, reduce stress and help to turn aspirations into a reality.

Abbie attended this course in the hope to be more creative in her writing. Little did she know how much this course would change her life.  

Abbie has been attending online lessons from her hometown in Lincoln. However, her struggles with anxiety meant that she would only use the chat feature to communicate with both tutors David Bartle and Tracey Burbanks.

She says: “When I first started the online course, I didn't have my microphone or camera on and only said what I needed to in the chat feature.”

Our tutors showed exceptional support and commitment during a daunting time for Abbie. After a few sessions, Abbie began to feel more comfortable and confronted her anxiety by turning on her camera.  

She shares: “There was no pressure to be on camera or use the microphone, but it got to a point where I wanted to talk to the other participants properly and it's been great.”

Abbie thanks David and Tracey for their encouragement and patience, she says: “The feedback about my writing combined with getting used to being on camera has been great for my confidence.

“It really was thanks to the tutors, David and Tracey.”

Tracey commends Abbie for taking great steps of progress in her writing and is amazed at how her confidence has blossomed during the course.  

She says: “At first Abbie was reluctant to speak. But as she got a bit more confident, she started to use the voice chat until the last four weeks she used the video chat.”

Tracey is impressed with how Abbie has improved over the weeks and says: “It has been a pleasure to see how Abbie has taken on the new strategies and incorporated them into her writing."

Abbie can now conquer challenges with her newfound confidence and self-belief. However, this is only the start of Abbie’s journey. Tracey shares: “Her writing is of a very high quality. I hope to see her with a published piece at some time in the future.”

Abbie is yet to finish her course and has even enrolled onto more courses to explore her creativity.  

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