7 Jul 2023 | Location: Sheffield, Nottingham

So, you’ve had a great year, you’ve accomplished lots and you’re ready to enjoy the summer months. Moving out of your accommodation can be slightly stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be!

Here we’ve included some tips to help you get on top of your cleaning, and make sure you receive your full deposit back, if you paid one.


Get organised

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Make sure you have an idea of when you’ll be moving out, and get odd jobs done well in advance. Do you have any maintenance that needs looking at? Make sure it’s reported as soon as possible.

Get packing

Don’t just throw everything into boxes, make sure there is a structure to your packing. This will help you when you come to unpack later on. Also make sure you’re not taking anything with you that you don’t need. If you have anything to get rid of, make sure it’s bagged up and placed in the correct bins on site.

Get cleaning!

Everything needs to be squeaky clean when you hand back your keys. Make sure you get prepped with any cleaning products you need. If you have any difficult areas and need some advice, reach out to the reception or cleaning teams on site. They’ll be able to advise you on the best products to use or what methods work best.

Work together

Make sure you make a plan with your flatmates to share the cleaning of the communal area. You don’t want to get charged because nobody has thought about this in advance. All food needs to be thrown away or taken with you and rubbish bags need to be emptied into the main bin stores.

Be honest

If you know that you’ve damaged something within your accommodation, be honest and upfront with the accommodation team. They might be able to fix it before you vacate and you might not be charged from your deposit.  

Donate items

If you have anything that you no longer want, need or don’t want to take home with you, then get donating! Contact your site to see if they have any provisions in place to help you donate, but if not then pop everything into a bag and take it to your local charity shop.


Need to contact us to ask questions about departure? Get in touch with the relevant site via the details below:


Raleigh Park (Nottingham):


0115 855 9008


The Trigon (Sheffield):


0114 294 5680

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