Mindful Employer

At Acis Group we’re committed to supporting our staff and their mental health. As a result, we’ve signed up the Mindful Employer Charter.

What is the Charter?

The Charter is about recognising employers who are committed to supporting the mental health of their staff, and helping them to achieve this goal.

Want to know more about what’s involved? Head to: https://www.mindfulemployer.dpt.nhs.uk/

It means we're working to the below values (supplied by the Mindful Employer Charter)

  • To provide non-judgemental and proactive support to staff with experience of mental ill-health.
  • To avoid making assumptions about a person with a mental health condition and their ability to work.
  • To be positive and enabling toward all employees and applicants with a mental health condition.
  • To support line managers in managing mental health in the workplace.
  • To ensure the fair recruitment of staff in accordance with the Equality Act (2010).
  • To make it clear that people who have experience of mental ill-health will not be discriminated against.