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Gainsborough woman's independence is restored through life-enhancing adaptation

27 Apr 2022

Our home adaptations service has proven to be the solution that a Gainsborough woman needed to take control of her life once again.

Josephine Lister longed for her life to return to ‘normal’ and reached out for solutions. Due to her health conditions, Josephine found it unsafe to use her bathroom and applied for a grant to help cover the cost of a bathroom adaptation – an accessible wet room.

Our team attended her property to assess the current conditions of her bathroom and found it to be unsafe and unusable. 

The bathroom was dull, cramped and proved to be difficult for Josephine to move around in. 

Josephine recalls not being able to use her bathroom due to the unstable environment. Shesaid: “My bathroom wasn’t practical. It was very cold and damp.

“So, I applied for a grant. I didn’t think that I’d ever get one, but I was lucky and qualified for health reasons.”

Our team of trusted tradespeople were concerned for Josephine’s safety. We immediately started planning and building a new and spacious wet room.

The modern and stylish bathroom now gives Josephine a better quality of life. 

She can now move around freely instead of being restricted and confined by the previously cramped space.

Our Business Improvement Manager, Hannah Taylor-Dales, said: “We worked across the team to complete this job. It’s been a real team effort and has been completed to a great standard. It will have such a great impact on Josephine’s life.”

Josephine is pleased with the finish of her future proofed wet room and said: “It’s loads better. It’s clean and spacious.

“It’s now all on one level so I have wheelchair access if I need it in the future.”

Our engineer, Shaune Michiels, worked on bathroom adaptation and said: “We started by removing a wall and flooring to damp proof the area and create more space.

Josephine struggled to use the bath and the way the toilet was positioned made it difficult to move around. The changes will help massively.”

Josephine thanks our engineers for their hard work and said: “They worked hard and got the job done. They have done a lovely job.

“Now it’s perfect.”

Josephine regained her independence and so can you.

If you are living in unsafe or inaccessible conditions and interested in adapting your home, please contact a member of our team today on 0800 049 5397 or email

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