31 Aug 2023

Your Voice matters!

At Acis we aim to deliver well-managed, well-maintained, and safe neighbourhoods.

We audit your neighbourhood up to every quarter of the year and regularly inspect it in between.

Neighbourhood audits highlight health and safety issues, tenancy breaches and areas where we can improve. They also give us a chance to talk to you about your neighbourhood.

In 2022 we did 240 neighbourhood audits. And so far in 2023, we've spent over £130,000 on improving our neighbourhoods to build vibrant and successful communities.

Your feedback is important to help us shape your neighbourhood. We use survey results, complaint feedback, local customer groups and on-site discussions with you to decide what we do in your area.

To help us do this we'd love your feedback on our Neighbourhood and Estate Management policy. We’ve summarised the key points in a short video and have a quick five-minute survey that you can complete to share your views.

Read the Neighbourhood and Estate Management policy.

Read the Good Neighbour Management procedure.

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