30 Apr 2023

A key area of CLIP and Riverside’s delivery is to support employers to recruit new team members. This is both a direct and indirect function of many of our core contracts, and a route to wider commercial income long-term It’s also key to ensure we gain strategic employer relationships to support our learners and participants into sustainable local work that is right for them, and so we can build sustainable progression opportunities to help employers develop their employees.

We were approached by colleagues at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) asking if CLIP could support them with hosting a recruitment event for a new B&M Store in Mablethorpe. They were looking to fill 60 positions in preparation for the upcoming opening. The partnership was testament to the importance of building strong relationships between local businesses and our learning centres. The two-day event took place at our premises, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for potential employees. The first day introduced B&M stores with support on interview skills, with the second day conducting a more structured interview process.

Several of our learners were given the opportunity to be interviewed for positions at B&M Stores. This step reinforced the potential strategic relationship between CLIP and B&M. Our Flare learners did well, but feedback suggested they lacked in confidence at the time. We, together with B&M, have committed to providing further support and work experience opportunities at the store in the future.

The success of the recruitment event strengthened an already strong relationship with DWP and marked the beginning of a longer-term strategic relationship with B&M Stores. There have been continued discussions with B&M to provide ongoing training opportunities for their teams. We are also looking to provide continuous development for their new team members to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to remain in their roles, promoting sustainable employment within the community.

Among the successful candidates was Chris, our part time cleaner at CLIP. Chris decided to apply for a position at B&M Stores and, to the delight of both parties, secured the role.

Our collaboration resulted in B&M recruiting 40 of the 60 positions available. This event showcased the power of stakeholder engagement and local connections in providing sustainable employment opportunities whilst fostering personal growth for applicants. And we hope this will positively impact the community. DWP and B&M have since returned to CLIP in Mablethorpe to fill the remaining 20 positions and we are currently waiting for final confirmation on the people who have been successful.

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