12 Oct 2023

Our neighbourhood team is delighted to announce a successful green initiative at Deerlands, in Beckingham, showing the power of community collaboration.

Despite facing unpredictable weather conditions, the team pressed on with smiles and determination, covering a large area near the Deerlands development. The land, initially planted with wildflowers, faced setbacks as the seeds failed to flourish, resulting in the space feeling somewhat neglected.

Listening to the community's desire to revive the area and promote biodiversity, we joined forces with Joan Sanger from the local Parish Council. Together, we sought the expertise of Meadow Makers, renowned wildflower specialists, to guide the replanting process.  A number of children from Beckingham Primary School, joined the day, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands muddy for a good cause.

On the day, we successfully planted over 500 wildflower plugs, complemented by carefully chosen seeds with the hope of a blossoming and thriving wildflower meadow in the spring.

Taylor Gibson, Neighbourhoods Manager from Acis, talks about the importance of community engagement events, "Working together to enhance and revive our local environments is really important to us. The Deerlands project will add some colour to our surroundings, but this also gives a sense of shared responsibility for our shared spaces. This is a great example of how together, we can positively impact our environment.”

We would like to share a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, dedication, and their green thumbs! Anticipation is high as the community eagerly look forward to witnessing the meadow bloom and thrive in the new year.

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