20 Dec 2023

We believe in providing an environment for our customers, colleagues and partners that gives everyone an equal chance to live, learn and work free from discrimination, harassment, victimisation and prejudice; an environment where everyone can thrive.

We're committed to providing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion right across the Group.

What is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion?

Although Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are often used to mean the same thing, they have different meanings.

  • Equality is the absence of discrimination based on a person’s protected characteristic. The Equality Act 2010 was designed to legally put an end to all types of victimisation and to advance equality of opportunity.
  • Diversity is the recognition and value of differences between people. Diverse communities create cultures and practices that value the differences of their neighbours.
  • Inclusion refers to an individual’s experience within the workplace and in wider society.

Why do we want to collect personal data?

We understand that the sharing of personal information is a matter of sensitivity. But here’s why it’s so important:

  • Your information is your power: When you share details about yourself – like age, race, or disability – it's not just disappearing into the void. It's a key player in making things better for you and your community.
  • No identity theft worries: Please don't fret about identity theft. Your personal information is handled with care and stored securely. At Acis we use this data to improve services, not to know your favourite movie or to sell this on to someone else.
  • It's really about statistics, not sharing secrets: Sure, your name and address might pop up, but the nitty-gritty details? Those are kept separately. It's about overall numbers, not prying into your personal life.
  • The laws we have to follow: Laws are in place to safeguard your details. If you're not comfortable sharing all your personal information, no pressure.
  • The basics: we want to know the basics – man or woman, ethnicity, age group, maybe your sexuality. It's not unusual to want to know this information, lots of people providing services find this really useful.
  • Answering those questions. If you want to improve services, or get your voice heard, then everyone has to lend a hand. Your information helps tailor services. We might ask questions around health conditions, whether you’re transgender. We might ask what your salary is. It's not nosiness; it's about aiming services where they're needed.
  • We’re here to help: Whether you provide this information online, in person or over the phone to our Customer Service Centre, it's all about improving services, not invading your privacy. So, if you need help providing this information, just say the word.
  • We know you might be nervous: Protecting your information is natural. But if we don't know who you are, we can't meet your needs. So, please fill in that form, and let's make sure your voice is heard!

To update your information head to MyAcis or give us a call on 0800 027 2057.

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