25 Mar 2024

We're excited to announce that we've been awarded a second year of funding for Seed to Social, a project in Market Rasen which will continue to support people with their mental health and wellbeing.

Seed to Social will help to support  with your mental health, wellbeing and confidence. Delivered in the welcoming Café CLIP in Market Rasen, we’ll provide a package of support that is tailored to your needs, interests and aspirations.

As part of Seed to Social you will receive 1-2-1 support from our friendly wellbeing team.

Create is a hands-on part of the programme which allows you to participate in some mindful activity. Whether that be nurturing plants, making delicious treats or crafting beautiful creations – choose whatever feels right for you.

The wellbeing club allows you to take some time to focus on you. You will learn to understand your needs and build your own solution toolkit.

Confidence in the Café gives you the opportunity to become part of the supportive community café team, whether that’s volunteering behind the scenes or front of house, you can learn new skills, make friends, grow confidence and really make a difference.

This programme is designed to be flexible to your own needs and CLIP’s friendly team will help you to decide what’s right for you. If you are interested call 01673 843489 or email info@cliplearning.com

Why is this programme good for your wellbeing?

  • Being creative helps individuals to feel empowered whilst honing their skills bringing a sense of achievement and ownership over the activity.
    Sessions will be fun and interactive, whilst also promoting healthy lifestyles together with calming and relaxing environments.
  • Helping individuals to focus on their mental wellbeing by developing a personal toolkit, preventing relapse and helping to build positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Through participant led sessions, a support coach will provide activities that support individuals to understand more about their personal needs, recognise their specific triggers and identify resilience and coping strategies that work for them.
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