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A day in the life of a Safer Communities Officer

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20 Jul 2022

Our Safer Communities team are here to help keep your communities safe and for you to report antisocial behaviour (ASB).

We caught up with one of our officers, Jo, to find out more about what goes on in the world of a safer communities officer on a daily basis.

Logging on

Every morning we start with our daily connect meeting where we discuss any key or urgent tasks that need picking up within the team – and where we can support each other.

After this, I check my case load and check in with any customers who are due a call that day to update them on their case.

Working with partners

We rarely work alone. Our role means we work with lots of different partners to support our communities. From social workers to solicitors and the police to local councils – we meet with them all on a regular basis. Linking with other external agencies means we can find the best solution possible as quickly as we can.

The case I’m working on today has resulted in a meeting with other internal teams at Acis to refer someone into our Supporting Foundations team.

I also regularly attend a multi-agency risk assessment conference with other Lincolnshire based agencies to make sure we’re all on the same page when dealing with certain ASB cases that may be bigger than just us. We meet, come up with solutions and put them into action together.

Day to day work

Ultimately, my role is to support you, our customers, in any way I can to keep you safe in our communities.

Today I’m also carrying out a joint visit with the police to mediate between some neighbours. This is typical preventative work we do to try to stop things escalating into anything serious. Not only are we there to prevent and stop certain antisocial behaviour cases, we are also there to help you work with your neighbours to avoid things going too far.

And finally, as part of my role, I also support our interal people as a Mental Health First Aider so if anyone is struggling, needs signposting or simply wants to grab a cuppa and have a chat, I support them.

I then end the day making sure my case load is up to date, the customers have been communicated with and everything is ready for the next day.

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