20 Jun 2017 | Posted by Andrew Phillips

Over the past one hundred years a lot has happened that has changed the world we live in. In that time we’ve had two world wars, the invention of the telephone and at the time of writing this 20 different Prime Ministers.

This is something only a few can say they have lived through, but one of these people is Eva Johnson, a tenant at Acis who currently lives in her home at Oswalds in the Lincolnshire village of Bardney. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about life, what has changed and what makes her happy.

What is it like getting a card from the queen?

It is quite nice really and I got another one from the Secretary of State. It is very nice of her Majesty to send it, I just wonder if I have to write back to say thanks!

How much change have you seen through your life?

It is a different world. Sometimes you get mixed up with facts and fantasy. At the time, everything was fine for what it was but there wasn’t a telephone, double glazing and a television – practically nothing compared to now. But, that’s how it was.

What did you do during World War Two?

I was conscripted during the war to be a police officer in Scunthorpe for two to three years. I had to go to London for my training.  It was a very interesting time during the war. Back home – there were more female drivers on the roads, no streetlights, no street directions, everything was taken down - but we just got on with it.

What is so different from back when you were young to now?

Everyone rode bicycles or walked everywhere. I cycled a lot and I cycled from Bardney to Skegness just for pleasure! After the war, technology just came amazingly fast. And everything just became very different in a short space of time.

When has been your happiest time?

This sounds awfully selfish, but just having an ordinary life. I had a smashing day yesterday on my birthday out to lunch with family and having a lovely cake. Today we are having a buffet lunch here at St Oswalds for friends and relations and on Sunday I am spending the day with my family and looking forward to having either a BBQ or roast dinner, depending on the weather!

It has been a very lovely time! I have had loads of cards and flowers from everyone and all these add up to what makes me happy, I can't pick out one single time I have enjoyed everything and many, many thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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