4 Mar 2020 | Posted by Damian Suma

Our Youth and Employer Support (YES) programme offers a wide range of support, with the aim of helping young people in West Lindsey find work.

And this is what happened for Toby Roberts. After being unsuccessful in an interview, Toby met with Vicki Cross, our Employer Support Lead for YES to get support in making that next step towards full-time employment.

Toby’s aim was to find work in the legal sector and worked with Vicki on reviewing his CV, going through interview feedback and identifying specific goals he has.

On meeting Toby, Vicki said: “It was clear from the off that Toby is a very capable young man who just needed that extra support to find the right opportunity.”

And that’s what YES did. Vicki managed to secure Toby some work experience in our Legal and Governance team at Acis. This helped him get even more experience in a new area of the sector to help him in his job search.

After this, Toby had a couple more unsuccessful interviews but he felt he was getting closer thanks to the support from the YES programme.

Then, thanks to Toby’s hard work and determination, he applied, interviewed and was successful in securing the role of Legal and Governance Officer at Acis.

He is now settling into his new role where the support from the YES programme will continue until he’s happy for us to step away.

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