30 Oct 2020 | Posted by Rebecca Garbutt

After struggling to access her downstairs bathroom, Margaret O’Brian wanted to make life a little easier for herself by investing in a new upstairs wash basin. 

Margaret struggles with reduced mobility and requires a constant supply of oxygen to help her breathe.  

To help her live comfortably despite her disabilities, her local council arranged for her home to be fitted with a new wet room and stairlift.  

While the changes had helped make her property more accessible, Margaret was concerned that her nightly trips to the bathroom and kitchen were becoming dangerous.  

Describing her difficulties, Margaret says it often took her “more than half an hour to get a drink”, with the journey leaving her tired and short of breath.  

When speaking to her neighbours, Margaret learned that one of them had recently had a new wash basin fitted upstairs in their property. 

Inspired by the idea, she got back in touch with the council and asked if they could offer her something similar.   

After being quoted a wait time of two years, she was referred to Acis in hopes of getting the work done sooner.  

Margaret then reached out to our HomePlus team who were able to complete the works by mid-September.

Describing it as her “personal little bathroom”, she says her new sink has really “changed things for the better.” 

“I’m ever so pleased with the way they’ve done it. I can have a wash and a drink upstairs now. All these little things have made a big difference.” 

For more information on our projects or to get in touch with a member of our HomePlus team, visit: www.acishomeplus.co.uk or contact them by phone on 0800 489 5397. 

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