29 Jul 2021 | Posted by Emily Bowes

Tionee was referred to Riverside Training by her support manager to help her build her confidence ahead of re-entering the workplace.

Riverside Training deliver courses on behalf of the Shaw Trust as part of their Work and Health Programme. 

The courses provide those who attend with practical solutions, activities and a forum to discuss issues relating to self-esteem. For Tionee it was the ACE (Achieve, Closeness, Enjoy) exercise that really helped her.

She said: “My self-esteem was a big barrier for me feeling able in my work and life in general.

"So I went on the ‘Boost your self-esteem’ course to start with. It was offered at the perfect time for me to begin to take the steps forward I needed.”

“The ACE exercise is really easy to use and is something I can go back to each day. It helps me ensure I am keeping in contact with people and taking time for myself.”

The course is about increasing people’s confidence self-worth and social skills and Tionee cannot talk enough of the impact it has had on her and how it has helped her to think more positively about herself.

“I completed the initial training two weeks ago and am going into work next week for a few days, covering sickness and holidays.

“The course has increased my confidence when returning to work after a few days off and now I am applying the knowledge I have learnt to both work and personal situations.”

The ‘boost your self-esteem’ course is one of a number of courses at Riverside Training that is designed to help people who are lacking confidence and experiencing low mood.

To find out more about the courses Riverside Training has on offer visit: https://www.riverside-training.org.uk/ 

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