Our Heroes 2022

Our Heroes nominations for 2022 are now open! Our Heroes are our community awards, which champion individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond.

Do you know someone who spreads positivity throughout their community? Or someone who has created a beautiful garden? Is there a group who have gone above and beyond to look after their area and support individuals? Or has your Area Service Manager or engineer really helped you in your home?

We want to hear about all the things people have been doing to go that extra mile.

Anyone can nominate anyone for one of the awards. All you have to do is fill in the form at the bottom of the page with details about the person or group you are nominating, and then we'll be in touch if we need any more information.

Garden Guru Logo

Garden Guru Award

Does someone you know take extra pride in their garden, allotment, or open space? Do you know someone who loves the outdoors and has transformed an outdoor space into something beautiful?

Neighbour/Neighbourhood Positive Impact Award

Do you know anyone who has a kind heart and goes the extra mile for people come rain or shine? Or are a group of people rallying round to make a difference in your community?

Our Heroes award logo
Our Heroes award logo

Young Person/People of the Year Award

Do you know a young person or a group of young people (aged 24 or under) achieving great things? Are they doing something extraordinary, or deserve recognition for something?

Customer First Award

For this award we want you to nominate one of our people who has supported you, your family or community. Who are Our Heroes at Acis? Give your Area Service Manager the shoutout they deserve or give a big thumbs up to the friendly engineer who came to your home and helped you.

Our Heroes award logo

Our Heroes nomination form

 Our Heroes nominations for 2022 are now open! Complete the form below to nominate your heroes.

If you are submitting an entry for the garden guru award please send images to marketing@acisgroup.co.uk. Without images your nomination will not be valid.