Our award winning repairs service

In 2023 we won 'in house maintenance of the year' at the Building Communities Awards and in 2024 our repairs and maintenance team in partnership with MRI Software won 'most innovative property service award' at the National Housing Maintenance Federation awards.

Acis and MRI joined forces to create and develop a technical solution that achieved remarkable results within just 12-months. This partnership is called 'Operative Autonomy' and is powered by MRI Repairs. You can find out more about the award here.

But what does that mean for you?

Our engineers are on hand to take ownership of the repairs process from start to finish. Once you've reported your repair, an engineer will ring you and ask some questions to understand the issue, before finding a time to complete your repair.

The repairs and maintenance team carry out repairs in your home, service heating systems, and complete electric tests. 

All work is carried out by experienced and qualified tradespeople – and they’ll always carry the correct identification. If you’re ever worried about someone calling at your home, call us on 0800 027 2057 and we’ll do the necessary checks.  

Reporting a repair

Our engineers are available between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, with an out of hours service being available for emergencies outside of this time.  

You can report a repair using your MyAcis account, the form on this page, or by calling us.

When you report a repair, we’ll look at what needs to be done and make an appointment at a time that works for you.  

We categorise repairs as emergency, appointed, programmed and planned and have explained what this means below. 

All emergency repairs will be attended within 24 hours and we expect you to be at home during this time to allow access. 

If we fail to keep an arranged appointment in all cases expect emergencies, without providing 24 hours’ notice, you’ll be entitled to claim compensation in line with our Customer Feedback Policy.  

Repair man at door

If you have any questions about your repair then please get in touch on 0800 027 2057 or through your MyAcis account.

Emergency, appointed, programmed and planned – what do they mean?

Emergency repairs are defined as any defect that puts the health and safety or security of you, the customer, or a third party, at immediate risk; or that affects the structure of the building adversely. 

Examples of emergency repairs are:  

  • Dangerous structural faults 

  • Making safe after fire, flood, lightning, or storm damage works  

  • Blocked main foul water drains or only toilet within the property (where Acis Group has responsibility)  

  • Making the property secure  

  • Total loss of electric power  

  • Water leaks that need isolating at the main stop tap  

  • Partial loss of water  

  • Burst water main  

  • Partial loss of electrical circuits  

  • Faults to lighting in bathrooms (excluding failed light bulbs) as above  

  • Blocked flue (where only form of heating)  

  • Partially blocked main foul drain (where Acis Group has responsibility) 

  • Blocked soil pipe or sole WC  

  • Heating or hot water loss during period 1st November to 30th April up to 8 pm 

  • Failure of lift/stair lift where Acis Group have a legal responsibility  

  • Total failure of carbon monoxide or smoke detector systems  

  • Offensive or racist graffiti  

  • Insecure external door, lock or ground floor window  

  • Faulty garage lock – if car locked in garage  

  • Faulty shower – if only form of bathing within the property  

  • Broken or loose banister rail where this causes a health and safety risk  

  • Rectify gas leak (customer must report to the national grid emergency line 0800 111 999). 

Appointed repairs are any defect that can be deferred without serious discomfort, inconvenience, or nuisance to you, the customer, or a third party and can wait until the next convenient maintenance visit at a time convenient for you. 

Examples are: 

  • Blocked or leaking foul drain, soil stack, or (where there is no other working toilet in the dwelling-house) toilet pan  

  • Leaking from water or heating pipe, tank or cistern  

  • Rotten timber flooring or stair tread  

  • Door entry phone not working  

  • Total or partial loss of gas supply  

  • Tap which cannot be turned  

  • Minor plumbing leaks  

  • Heating fault or breakdown from 1 May to 31 October – vulnerabilities will be considered when prioritising works  

  • Hot water faults from 1 May to 31 October – vulnerabilities will be considered when prioritising works  

  • Blocked gulley, sink, basin or second WC  

  • Minor electrical faults – lighting and electrical circuits  

  • Mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroom not working  

  • Faulty communal TV aerial  

  • Partial loss of water supply  

  • Door/lock fault to garage  

  • Leaking roof – where repair can be completed from a ladder 

  • Intermittent carbon monoxide or smoke detector fault  

  • Insecure external lock or window above ground floor  

  • Damage to stair treads, handrails, or bannisters  

  • Repairs to external walls, doors, and windows  

  • Repairs to boundary walls, fences, paths, and steps – where minor repairs only are required  

  • Minor plaster patching and filling  

  • Dripping or leaking taps or shower units  

  • Defective cistern or overflow  

  • Containable plumbing leaks and defects  

  • Minor repairs to tiling to kitchen and bathroom walls  

  • Condensation problems  

  • General roof repairs, including chimneys, slates, or tiles where work can be carried out using a ladder safe system  

  • Faulty shower, if there is alternative bathing is available  

  • Faulty extractor fan – kitchen or bathroom  

  • Defective flooring  

  • Garage roof minor leak 

  • Non offensive graffiti 

Programmed repairs: we aim to carry out repairs in the most efficient way possible and some will be grouped by area or type and undertaken on a programmed basis. This may typically include works such as fencing and gates, pathways and paving, roofing and where homes have multiple repairs that can be grouped together. You’ll be advised of timescales for programmed works and kept up to date on them. 

Examples include: 

  • Large scale roof repairs, including chimneys, slates, or tiles where a scaffold is required 

  • Renewal of doors and windows  

  • Renewal of fire doors  

  • Large scale repairs to internal walls, floors, ceilings, or doors  

  • Extensive drive, paths and paving works  

  • Extensive drainage works such as soakaways and renewal of drains  

  • Repairs to drains, gutters or external pipes  

  • Large scale plasterworks  

  • Complex multiple repairs within one property, block or common area  

  • Structural repairs  

  • External common area repairs including boundaries and gates 

Planned repairs or capital improvements happen when repairs may be undertaken to prolong something’s life such as kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows and heating systems. 

For example: 

  • Fire Risk Assessment repairs  

  • Kitchen and bathroom renewals  

  • Major or full roof renewals  

  • Fencing renewal  

  • Full windows, door and porches renewal  

  • External Repairs and Painting programmes 

Customer and Acis responsibilities

Below is a list of repairs and replacements that you are responsible for in your home: 

  • Pest control and removal including but not limited to insects (fleas, cockroaches’, bees, wasps, bed bugs, ants), rodents (rats/mice/moles/squirrels), nesting birds and bats etc. 

  • Repairing damage caused by the customer, family, visitors to the property or pets. 

  • Repairing damage caused by any workman the customer has engaged to do work on their behalf. 

  • Glass in windowpanes and doors.  

  • Door numbers. 

  • Sink and bath plugs and chains. 

  • Toilet seats. 

  • To fill any minor plaster cracks or holes. 

  • Fire grates and ash pans if the fire has been installed by the customer. 

  • Light bulbs, LED units, fluorescent tubes and starters. 

  • Fuses and batteries for the customer’s smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms / detectors (where provided). 

  • Refuse bins and recycling boxes if lost, stolen or damaged. 

  • Sweep chimneys where required, unless the chimney is used in conjunction with appliances installed by us. 

  • Unblock waste pipes, gutters and drain gullies (except where the blockage occurs within common areas). 

  • Damage caused by leaks from the customer’s own appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. 

  • Electrical plugs and fuses to the customer’s own appliances. 

  • Any sheds, garages, outbuildings which have not been constructed and adopted by Acis. 

  • Any pathway, patio, paved area or hard standing that the customer has put in or not provided by us. 

  • Any water butts, compost bins, washing lines or rotary driers. 

  • Any other gifted items as notified by us. 

  • The cost and replacement of damaged, lost or stolen keys and door entry fobs. 

  • Replacing any fixtures or fittings provided by Acis which the customer has removed. 

  • Decoration. 

  • Trees and hedges where it’s not an Acis obligation. 

We'll keep in good repair the structure and the exterior of your home. This will include: 

  • The roof, external walls and doors. 

  • Window frames including catches and windowsills (but not the glass, unless the damage to the glass results from our own failure to keep the property in repair). 

  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues. 

  • Chimney sweeping where the chimney is used in conjunction with an appliance installed by us. 

  • Access to your home constructed by us such as paths and steps leading to the front, round the perimeter and back entrances. 

  • Garage, sheds and outbuildings that have been constructed or provided by us. 

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes (where they are not shared). 

  • Internal walls (but not including minor plaster cracks). 

  • Floors and ceilings (not including floor coverings). 

  • Doors including frames and hinges. 

  • Skirting boards. 

Report a repair

This form is for non-urgent repairs.