Specialist accommodation

We own and manage a number of independent living schemes in towns and villages across Lincolnshire.  

This accommodation is primarily for people aged 55 and over or people with a proven medical need, offering privacy of a home with the benefit of other residents living close by. They’re ideal if you like regular company and the feel of community.  

Accommodation is either in bungalows or flats. All are self-contained with their own living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Our flats have the added security of a controlled door entry system.  

While giving the people the freedom to live independently, they also serve up a chance to get involved with other residents in communal area where activities such as lunches, coffee mornings and other events take place.  

We advertise all our vacant independent living spaces on the HomeChoice website. A banding system is used to prioritise applicants, according to an assessment of their housing needs, covering: 

  • Current accommodation 
  • Physical and mental health 
  • Mobility 
  • Affordability 
  • Employment 
  • Wellbeing 

Mobility scooters

Many people with mobility problems often use mobility scooters to get around. We can accommodate mobility scooters at our independent living schemes, but we need to make sure they don’t clutter them or obstruct walkways and exits.  

If you would like to start using a scooter and store it at one of our sites, you’ll need to ask permission. Space is limited and permission is usually given on a first come, first served basis.  

You’ll also need to prove that: 

  • You have valid scooter insurance 
  • You have had your scooter or charging appliance successfully tested in the last 12 months (and you will need to ensure it’s tested at least every year) 

Scooters can only be charged between 8am-6pm and need to be stored in designated areas.  

Request to use a scooter

To request to use a scooter, fill in our form below. Once you have filled this form in, scan it and email it to info@acisgroup.co.uk or post it to Acis Group, Acis House, Bridge Street, Gainsborough, DN21 1GG

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