Filling out forms, send to:

Once you have completed the form, you can return it:

  • by scanning and emailing it to
  • by posting to Acis, Acis House, Bridge Street, Gainsborough, DN21 1GG

For any more information, please contact us at or call on 0800 027 2057

Moving out of our homes

We understand that sometimes you might need or want to move house.

If you’re currently renting with us and want to move to another property, we offer a wide variety of homes across cities, towns and rural communities in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

We usually can’t transfer your tenancy to another address so if you want to apply for another one of our homes – or another housing association – you will need to apply via the relevant council’s choice-based lettings system. A full list is available on our renting with us page.

Ending your tenancy

We know that situations change and there may be a need for you to leave the home you rent with us. 

If you wish to end your tenancy with us, you need to give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing which will start from the Monday following our receipt of your notice. You can move out before this date, but we still need at least four weeks’ notice. You must return keys to us by midday at the latest on the Monday that your tenancy is due to end.

When you give us notice, we ask that:

  • You confirm to us what date you are moving out
  • You agree a time and date that we can come and inspect your home before you move out and let us have access if we need to visit you again
  • You arrange for any works or repairs that need to be done so that you leave the property in good decorative order
  • You clear all your items including any furniture and rubbish – this includes all areas such as lofts, sheds, gardens
  • All fixtures and fittings are left in good condition and the property is clean
  • You pay your rent up to the last day of your tenancy even if you move out before then
  • You tell us your forwarding address before you leave
  • You inform your utility providers of the date you are moving out. If you have a utility meter, there should be no debt and the utility card / key should be left in the property

Remember to let your local authority know you have moved, too. 

If you post your keys to us, please include the address with the keys.

If you have a joint tenancy, we can accept notice from one tenant on behalf of both tenants living at the property. If you have a joint tenancy and only one of you is leaving, please get in touch with us.

Once we receive your written notice, we will:

  • Get in touch to confirm the date the tenancy will end and arrangements for the keys
  • Make an appointment to come and inspect the property

Ending the tenancy following the death of a tenant

If you want to end a tenancy on behalf of a tenant who has died, you will need to provide us with a copy of the Grant of Probate confirming your status as the executor of the estate. After that, we will also need to see the death certificate. Four weeks’ notice will need to be provided and it will be your responsibility to clear the property and leave it in a good condition.

Mutual exchange

Another way to find another property to rent is to look for a mutual exchange.

A mutual exchange is where two or more tenants can apply to exchange their homes. If you want to look for an exchange partner, you can advertise your property details on the Homeswapper website where customers can register for free.

Homeswapper is the largest national mutual exchange service. You can also look for swaps by looking at local adverts in newsagents or post offices, where you are responsible for arranging any viewings. Make sure you’re happy with the condition of the property you are considering swapping with – we wouldn’t be responsible for any alterations or decoration if the exchange goes ahead.

Once you have found another household you are interested in swapping with, you and the tenant(s) you wish to exchange with, need to complete our application form below. Each household needs to complete their own form and send it in to us. You’ll probably need to complete an application for any other landlords involved in the swap.

  • You can only swap if you have an assured or affordable assured tenancy
  • You cannot swap homes if we have started any possession proceedings, or you have a possession order on your property
  • You usually swap tenancies so you will be giving up your current tenancy. This may mean a change in security of tenure. If this is the case, we would discuss this with you
  • Remember, you can only swap homes if you have the permission of all landlords involved. If you move before permission is given or after permission has been refused, you’ll be expected to move back to your original home
  • Look at your eligibility to swap and whether the property is suitable to be exchanged
  • Inspect your current home and let you know if you need to carry out any repairs or alternations
  • Complete a reference on your behalf for the other landlord (if applicable) and check the reference of the tenant(s) you wish to exchange with

If the exchange is approved to go ahead, we will agree an appointment to sign all the official documentation