Our lettable standard

When you move into your new home, our lettable standard sets out what you can expect. This standard aims to ensure the property you move into is safe, secure, clean and in a good state of repair when you move in.

We may, with your agreement, either not complete all the works in the standard or carry out some of the repairs until after you move in so that you can move into your new home more quickly – but we’ll talk to you about it all.

Download our guide to what you can expect from your new home.

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Signing your tenancy agreement

You’ll be invited to an appointment when you’re signing up. We usually send you our tenancy agreement electronically. 

It’s important to read and understand the agreement – if you have any queries, please make sure you speak to your Area Service Manager.  At this meeting, you will need to bring the relevant ID requested. 

Rent and service charge payments

You will need to make an advance payment for your rent (including any service charges). We will let you know in advance how much you need to pay.

You need to make arrangements about how to pay - we prefer Direct Debit and can help you set one up. We do not accept cash payments.

Gas, electricity and water

You’re responsible for getting your gas, electricity and water supplies set up in your name. You should set up your accounts with suppliers straight away. You’ll need proof of identity and your tenancy agreement to do this. Take meter readings as soon as you move in and give these to your supplier when you set up an account. We have a website you can use to check the cheapest supplier for you.  

If you have gas central heating, we will arrange an appointment for your heating to be recommissioned after you move in.  

At some point, you may need to turn on your water supply using the water shut-off valve, also known as the stopcock. We’ll let you know where it is when you move in.  

Council tax

You’re responsible for paying council tax for your property. You should contact your local council to tell them your new address and who is living in your home. If you earn a low income, are unemployed, or live alone, you may be able to get a discount or help with paying your council tax.  

Find your local council: www.gov.uk/find-local-council

Contents insurance

It’s important to have insurance for the contents of your home. Otherwise, your furniture, carpets, electrical appliances and belongings are at risk from fire, theft, or damage. If something happens like a flood in your home, we can carry out the repair, but we wouldn’t be able to help you replace any damaged items.

Decorating and furniture

You’re responsible for decorating the inside of your home. Your new home does not come with furniture, so you’ll need to provide your own furniture and appliances, including a fridge and cooker. If you are struggling to furnish your home, speak to us as we might be able to support you in getting some help.

Keeping in touch

You can speak to us about any queries you may have. We usually call you within one week of moving in to make sure you are settling in well. We also like to visit you after a few weeks to check everything’s okay.  We carry out a full review around nine months after you move in, and we can also provide you with some support if you need some extra help.