How to change the details we hold about you

It’s important we have up-to-date information on people living at your property. It could be changes to your name, a new person living with you, someone leaving the property or someone’s name changing.  

It’s easy to change details on the MyAcis system or through using the relevant forms below. You can also call us on 0800 027 2057 and our team will be on hand to help.

Changing your name

If you have changed your name from what’s on the agreement you signed with us, you need to let us know. We will also need a copy of the relevant legal paperwork to confirm the name change. Examples of documents we can accept include: 

  • Marriage certificate 
  • Civil partnership certificate 
  • Divorce certification 
  • Dissolution of civil partnership certificate 
  • Deed of change of name 

Once we’ve checked the details, we’ll write to you to confirm the name change in our records. We don’t need to provide a new tenancy agreement – your existing one remains valid.

Adding a joint tenant

A joint tenancy is where more than one person has their name on the tenancy agreement. It means each tenant has full legal rights and responsibilities. For example, each tenant is responsible for ensuring the rent account is to up to date and that there are no tenancy breaches. 

By creating a joint tenancy, this also means that either tenant can end the tenancy by giving us four weeks’ notice in writing. We do not have to let the other joint tenant stay in the home. Remember, any housing benefit or Universal Credit claim could also be affected by this kind of change. 

If you want to add someone onto your tenancy, you need to make sure: 

  • Your tenancy agreement allows this. Usually this means being on an assured tenancy.
  • You have a clear rent account and there are no other concerns about your tenancy 
  • Any person you want to add to the tenancy is over 18 
  • The person you want to add is: 
    • Your husband, wife or civil partner. 
    • Suitable for housing with us under our allocations policy. For example, there are no previous debts with us or a history of antisocial behaviour.  
    • Able to meet the required immigration status, if necessary, to hold a tenancy with us. 

Removing a joint tenant

If you hold a joint tenancy with us, you might wish to change this to a sole tenancy.  

To make this change, we would need: 

  • Written authority from each tenant agreeing to this change, with the new sole tenant taking over full responsibility for the existing tenancy 
  • A clear rent account and no other debts to Acis 
  • No tenancy breaches 

Giving someone authority to discuss

There may be times when you would like someone else to discuss aspects of your tenancy with us – someone like a family or friend.  

It’s important that we only disclose information about your tenancy with people you have given permission to liaise with on your behalf.  

You can fill in the form below to give some the ongoing authority to discuss things. Remember to let your representative know that we will record their details on our systems.  

Or if you call us about an issue, you can also give us your verbal authority to allow someone else to talk to us on your behalf – however, your representative will only have permission to talk to us on that particular call. 

If you have given power of attorney to someone, we will need proof. Once we have proof of this, such as a copy of the official documentation, your representative will have ongoing permission to discuss your tenancy. 

Once you have completed any of these forms, you can add any supporting documentation and return it to us: 

  • by scanning and emailing it to 
  • by posting to Acis Group, Acis House, Bridge Street, Gainsborough, DN21 1GG